ZOMATO Food and Restaurant finder App got hacked and leaked 17 million user database.

Wanna cry already made people suffered a lot and now A popular giant of finding food and restaurant app ZOMATO got hacked. On 17th May, Zomato confirmed to a security breach, out of 120 million customer database 17 Million user records has been stolen.

As per Zomato, only the user details has been stolen and payments and credit card information are still safe. The stolen user database contains the user name, email id and the password which is encrypted and will be very hard to the hackers to access the accounts. Users who have signed up with the 3rd party libraries eg. Facebook, Google Plus are safe.

This is not the first time when zomato was targeted by hacking victims but also in 2015, they were hacked by an Ethical Hacker who reported the issues to Zomato to improve their security issues.

Few reporter states that stolen database getting sold online. 

For the concern Zomato states "Over the next couple of days, we’ll be actively working to improve our security systems - we’ll be further enhancing security measures for all user information stored within our database, and will also add a layer of authorization for internal teams having access to this data to avoid any human breach."

Zomato maintain the data of user details and payment in a separated system till yet the payment system is secure but the company sent an email to all the users which states:

What can you do to improve your security online?

  • Make sure you're using a strong password that is unique to each service. In a lot of cases, attackers would try the email password combination from leaked databases on other services. Using a password manager can help you use a strong password and free you from having to remember the passwords.
  • Services like LeakBase and HaveIBeenPawnd let you check if your data was involved in any security breaches. If you find your details on these services, you should change your passwords immediately.


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