In the current era, short-form videos are en vogue, and YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok are battling each other for market share. In addition to being accessible on phones and the web, YouTube Shorts is now available on smart TVs through Google Play. Instagram and TikTok may see YouTube advantage over them as a result.

Smart TVs are soon to get YouTube shorts

The protocol has released a report revealing how YouTube discussed internal partner plans. YouTube viewing experiences were discussed with hardware manufacturers at the event, which focused on Android TV, Google TV, and the Google TV platform. It was also alleged that the event discussed how to make YouTube Shorts available on smart TVs in order to enhance the overall experience for users.

It will help Google gain an edge over TikTok and Instagram by allowing YouTube Shorts to be accessed on smart TVs. The TikTok app for smart TV is currently available. While YouTube shorts are available via the virtual assistant or a few taps, the app will have an edge because it comes installed by default on all smart TVs. 

As part of the report, Samsung and LG will optimize their TVs for YouTube Shorts, according to the report. The feature might still be tested and could be launched in the future. According to the report, YouTube Shorts won't be played using the usual YouTube video player on smart TVs since there won't be a full-screen scrollbar.

Putting TikTok and YouTube Shorts to the test on smart TVs

A smart TV interface for TikTok is also steadily being developed. TikTok's TV app has also been tested by smart TV OEMs like Samsung and LG. Several other platforms, including Amazon Fire TV and Google TV, also offer the TikTok app, but the app has not been very popular. It has been downloaded fewer than five million times according to Google Play Data.

However, a majority of smart TVs come preinstalled with YouTube. A ban on TikTok in India has also pushed users to other platforms such as Instagram Reels and Moj. When YouTube Shorts comes to Indian smart TVs, the short form videos will really take off.


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