If you want to select any between them let us suggest to you which one will be a good choice iPhone 12 or google pixel 5.

Specifications - iphone 12

Specifications -  iphone 12 https://store.storeimages.cdn-apple.com/

Rs. 79,900 for (64 GB) variant.
Rs. 84,900 for (128 GB) variant.

It comes with "6.1 inch″ Super Retina XDR OLED Display,
2,532 x 1,170 resolution,
460 PPI and 60Hz refresh rate.

Processor and software.
It comes with Apple's six-core A14 Bionic processor and iOS 14 software.

Battery and charging
It comes with a 2,815 mAh battery as per certification listings and 15W wireless charging with MagSafe
7.5W Qi wireless charging.

Rear Camera
Primary camera: 12MP
Secondary camera: 12MP, Ultra-wide angle.
Front Camera
12MP, f/2.2.

5G: Sub 6GHz mmWave for USA Ultra-Wide Band (UWB)
Wi‑Fi 6 (802.11ax) with 2×2 MIMO   Bluetooth 5.0.

Face ID, accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass, barometer.

Build material and color options
Aluminum mid-frame, Glass front and back “Ceramic Shield” for glass protection and comes in 5 color options - Red, Black, White, Blue, Green. 

Google Pixel 5

Google Pixel 5 https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT3yhNK2jzT-MFq2Sqeinqm-nxNty7QUh4ATX9td0rYhHIvSAMshjg1VX5Z&s=10

73,350 for (128GB) variant only available.

It comes with "6 inch" OLED Display 2,340 x 1,080 resolution,
432 PPI and 90Hz refresh rate.

Processor and software
It comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G processor and android 11 software.

Battery and charging
It comes with a 4,080 mAh battery   12W Qi wireless charging and 18W wired charging.

Rear camera
Primary: 12.2MP Sony IMX363   Secondary: 16MP, Ultra-wide angle.
Front camera
8MP, f/2.0.

5G: Sub 6GHz mmWave for the USA
Wi‑Fi 5 (802.11ac)
Bluetooth 5.0.

Fingerprint (rear-mounted), accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass, barometer.

Build material and color option
Recycled aluminum unibody, 
Glass front Gorilla Glass 6 for protection and comes in 2 color options - Green and black.

Which one is better? (comparison)-

Based on Display-

One of the tremendous windfalls of the iPhone 12 that differed from the iPhone 11 is its upgraded display. Apple finally abandoned the iPhone 11's 720p LCD panel in favour of a 1080p OLED one, and the result is a screen that looks infinitely better. Even so, the Pixel 5 still manages to offer an even nicer one.

It's very analogous to the iPhone 12 in that it's an OLED 1080p screen, but the Pixel 5 has a faster refresh rate of 90Hz compared to the 60Hz delivered on the iPhone 12. In day-to-day use, this means that all of your scrolling and swiping looks much smoother on the Pixel compared to the iPhone.
Fast refresh rates between 90 and 120Hz have become moderately prevalent for higher-end smartphones, so the drawback of one on the iPhone 12 is pretty disappointing. You wouldn't notice it at all if you've never used a phone with anything other than a 60Hz screen, but once you upgrade to 90Hz or higher, it's difficult to go back. Some people value quick refresh rates more than others, but the fact that Google's ability to offer one on Pixel 5 for a lower price than the iPhone 12 is pretty impressive.

Based on Storage-

If you opted for using your phone for two or more years, you must have enough storage for everything you want to do. Even if you have a flaming fast processor or gorgeous display, none of that matters if your storage overs and run out of space for your apps, games, photos, etc. Here, the Pixel 5 gets another win.

When you buy the Pixel 5 for 73,350 you're getting 128GB of storage. That's the only version of the phone Google sells, and while that could be curbing for some power users, 128GB should be more than enough space for the huge majority of people.

Comparatively, the iPhone 12 costs Rs.79,900 and only comes with 64GB. If you want to upgrade to 128GB, you'll end up paying
Rs. 84990. That's not an awful price hike to double your storage, but the fact stays that you get more space for a lot less cash with the Pixel 5.

Based on Software -
The iPhone 12 runs on iOS 14, while the Google Pixel 5 runs Android 11. For the most part, I prefer Android over iOS on my smartphones, because the extra levels of customization help my productivity considerably. For example, I use my phone one-handed often, and Android letting me place all my apps at the bottom of the screen allows for far easier thumb reach than iOS’s irritating “top-down, left to right” grid. Android’s outstanding notification management system is more intuitive to use. I like being able to run two apps at the same time via split-screen mode, which iPhones do not support even in 2020.

Based on Battery-
iPhone comes with the  2,815 mAh battery backup and pixel 5 with the battery backup of 4,080 mAh which is more than the battery backup of iPhone 12 while iPhone will consume less battery because of 60 Hz refreshing rate but than also battery stand by time of pixel 5 is more even with 90 Hz refreshing rate as compared to iPhone 12's battery and battery of iPhone 12 will be drained before the battery of pixel 5 when used this is because of more battery backup in pixel 5 so based on battery backup also pixel is better than iPhone 12.

Based on Camera-
On the surface, both the Pixel 5 and iPhone 12 have amazing camera systems. Google and Apple have been refining their camera formulas for a few years at this point, and that's perfectly noticeable with each handset. No matter which phone you go with,  you will be able to take some great shots.
That said, Google still manages to come out ahead with the Pixel 5. While the camera hardware in the Pixel 5 is pretty old at this point, Google's image processing continues to be one of the best ones out there. Specifically, Pixel 5 does a better job with low-light/night photos, zoomed-in shots, and generally produces colors that are more satisfying to look at. You also get some fun software features to play around with, such as Portrait Light for drastically changing the look of a portrait photo in the blink of an eye.

The iPhone 12 still has the upper-hand in the video department, but if your primary focus is on still photographs, you'll be better suited with the Pixel 5.

Based on Water resistance -
Both the phones are ip68 rated, but
Apple was fined US$ 12 M for a fake advertisement that its phones are water-resistant a deep truth revealed by Italian competition authority that Apple's phone is water-resistant only in a laboratory test with pure water only so I would be preferring pixel 5 over iPhone 12 because Google is not doing any fake advertisement like Apple.

So according to my preference and research, you should go for google pixel 5 if you were confused between both of them, please let us know in the comment box which one is better according to you.
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So which one you would like to buy after reading this blog?


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