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Augmented reality is no new name in the field of technology. It’s a feature by which you can live in Virtual Reality. There are multiple apps either on Google’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store that have AR feature.

Users find these apps interesting and love to invest or spend their time with it. Evidently, the most popular AR based app that we all can remember is Pokemon GO, but it’s not the only app that we have used, there are still many apps with AR feature which we use on our day to day basis and indeed there are many  Social Media apps like SNAPCHAT. But if we try to find any other social media platform that could actually serve with AR we won’t be able to name much of them, but to our astonishment, there’s another app called Twitter which is going AR.

Twitter released it’s latest AR based app called TwitterReality, well Twitter isn’t actually the developer,  its similar to Twitter but now you have the AR feature, I know you are still not convinced as of how and why would someone need a Twitter with AR. Let’s dig a little deep into this matter to get an idea of what the real deal is with TwitterReality.

TWITTER REALITY (AR based Twitter)

TWITTER REALITY (AR based Twitter)

What is Twitter?

 Twitter a simple 280 characters(140 is a history now) interactive Social Media  app on which we share our views, read articles etc., similar to most social media apps, but its not the same. Couple of days back TwitterReality was released, based on ARKit, a platform by Apple for developing AR based app, which is nothing other than a simple Twitter + AR.

Well, we all know Twitter is simple and robust social media app, that is why we go for it , but with the introducaion of AR to it, things might be quite different.

WHAT ACTULLY THE AR(Augemented Reality) WILL DO?

There are few new things with the introduction of AR to Twitter. A promotional video was launched in which it can be seen that tweets are arranged in a half-globe like a shape on which a Home, Search, Scroll UP or DOWN can be seen on either end of it. Tweets are in the centre. You can either view multiple tweets at once on the screen, or just one can be selected,  you can even heart or retweet similar to what you do in twitter app but here with AR.

Few other key features are missing, such as the following link to other sites. Also, pictures are available but I’m not sure of videos and gifs. Navigation of tweets is also little different.

On a glance, it looks fascinating both in terms of looks and ease of accessibility but once again it also varies from user to user. As I mentioned earlier Twitter is liked by most of its use for its simplicity and robustness.


The app is launched for iOS platform only, it is available on Apple’s App store, no news as of whether it will be available for ANDROID users.

The fascinating point here is that the app is developed by “Oscar Falmer” & not Twitter itself hence in the description you can see Oscar Falmer as the developer, not Twittwr Inc.

So to make statements on whether it will be released for Android sooner or later will be absurd.

The app is free of cost in the store, both iPhone and iPad users can download TwitterRaelity and experience Twitter with AR.


The best experience of the TwitterReality app is through a headset or smart glass, without that it won’t look much different from the basic Twitter app.

Also, TwitterReality provides a 3D Experience, for which users are required to have a VR headset, a further expense if you want to check tweets in 3D and you’ll have to buy a VR headset/gear if you don't’ have one.

Many amazing features are there like you can zoom your tweets on the wall by bringing your smartphone closer to the device(VR Headset), also you can tap on the tweets to extract them from the wall and view replies.


The major drawback is that user will have to wear a VR headset every time. This sounds annoying, to wear VR headset every time just to check a tweet (only when you have to experience it in 3D).

What about the battery consumption?, No doubts battery will dry out fast as camera and other multimedia features are required to be on active mode for as long as you use the app, which I take as a drawback because faster the battery drains out, it will become difficult for developers to keep the app for a long run in the market.


I haven’t got the first-hand experience of the app, but few of my friends got the chance and the reaction was mixed. Few of them said it was utter nonsense as to why to get AR with the tweets while others said they are happy and excited and want to explore a lot of features with the new update.

TwitterReality is going to provide an amazing user experience as what can be inferred from the promotional video. We all love photo reality and with AR things become more fascinating. And why not its cool to get news, videos, gifs or “coffee”, ok not “coffee”, on a totally new platform, which is not stagnant, as the background changes with your location, and it provides a different level of  experience to the app users, which may or may not be liked by everyone.

This can be considered as a big change after the 280 character update. Maybe other apps will start going the Twitter way by introducing the different dimension of Augmented Reality for their users or maybe this might prove a totally absurd step, but only time and user’s experience will tell whether it is a better way to social media or not.


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