With Tor Browser 11.5, users can now fight censorship more easily with new features.
To ensure users' privacy and anonymity when accessing the information on the Internet, The Tor Browser has been developed specifically to use The Onion Router (Tor) network.

Throughout the network, traffic is routed through nodes and encrypted. In order to communicate with the destination, information is relayed back to the user via an exit node.

Bypassing of auto blocks

It has been a year since Tor Browser 10.5 worked on improving the Tor connection experience, so version 11.5 focuses on circumventing censorship.

Tor can now be unblocked automatically without users trying out bridge configurations manually. 

A new feature in Tor Browser 11.5 is called "Connection Assist" which automatically assigns the most suitable bridge configuration for the user based on the user's location. 

According to the release announcement, "Connection Assist uses your current location to look up and download up-to-date options for your country (with your consent)."

Tor Browser is making use of moat to request a bridge from torproject.org without connecting to the Tor Network first."

It would be helpful if the Tor team could get user feedback and reports on Connection Assist since it is still in early development (v1.0).

Defaults to HTTPS

As well as making HTTPS-Only Mode the default browsing mode in version 11.5 so that the connection is secured, 'HTTPS-Only Mode' is another important new feature.

The encryption protects the user against man-in-the-middle (MitM) attacks and malicious exit relays stripping SSL when sending data between a user and a server.

In spite of HTTPS-Everywhere being deprecated and replaced with another extension, the Tor team assures users that SecureDrop will continue to work as intended. 

With the exception of Android, which has fallen behind when it comes to HTTPS-Everywhere, HTTPS-Only Mode is generally replacing HTTPS-Everywhere with HTTPS-Only Mode.

This was acknowledged by Tor's development team, which promised to take action. It said it would release more frequent updates for Android, fix the many bugs that have accumulated, and catch up to Firefox's Android release (Fenix).

A better setting

In addition to the revamped Network Settings menu, now called "Connection Settings", Tor Browser 11.5 offers a quicker and easier way to find specific settings.

Redesigned bridge configuration options make it easier to review and manage bridge configurations.


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