Google will likely release the Pixel 6 lineup in October. There have been many leaks about the device and it seems that this might finally be the year when the company can properly compete in the Flagship Smartphone space.

The Pixel lineup of smartphones has been famous among the enthusiasts.Its greatest strengths have been the great cameras with industry leading imageprocessing algorithms and clean software. However, they have not alwaysbeen the best of sellers apart from the ‘a’ series of budget-oriented phones.

The lineup however has not been much famous with the general public asit comes across as inferior when compared to the Samsungs and the Apples of theworld. The design has always felt dated and the lack of extra features havebeen the main reasons holding the phones back.

With the Pixel 6 lineup, Google seems to be much more serious this timeto take on the Flagship devices after a couple years of break from the segmentand mainly focusing on budget and mid-tier devices.

Source: Jon Prosser (FPT Youtube) and rendersbyian

There have been numerous leaks regarding the design, features and cameras of the device. The leaks suggest that Google might be launching two flagshipdevices - a regular and a pro version.

The design seems to have received a major change going away from thesimple and minimal style we have seen so far. Various sources and renderershave revealed a design that depicts a dual tone finish at the back separated bya large horizontal camera array housed within a bump. This has received a mixedreaction from the community with many not liking the design.

The camera setup also is said to have received a major upgrade with themain sensor being a Samsung sensor, a periscope zoom lens and a third wide-angle camera. The Pixel 6 is also rumored to have a custom Google NPU and ISP.

A leak also suggests that the main sensor may have a Gimbal like stabilization. This was previously seen in the Vivo X50 pro and the system was found to actually be quite good.

Another big change that may be seen on this device is the introductionof the ‘Whitechapel’ chipset, a custom in house SoC developed by Google. The chipset is believed to integrate the functionality of the Pixel Neural core that allows faster and better processing of images. Thiscould theoretically allow Google to have a much better hardware and softwareoptimization similar to what apple has achieved with their iPhones. iPhones have beenthe most powerful smartphones every year despite having less ram and comparedto their android counterparts.

The device is also said to be having a 6.67 inch QHD+ panel with a 120hzrefresh rate and a big 5000mAh battery.


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