Musk's recent emphasis has been on the creation of a Tesla phone with unique features.
Given Tesla's future plans, the phone is an excellent hedge against Apple's electric car rumor.

Introducing the Tesla Phone

Several features are expected to be included with the rumored phone: Qualcomm's high-end Snapdragon 8 Series chip, matching colors that match Tesla cars, acting better as a Tesla car key than any other phone, and, likely the most important feature, connecting with Starlink.

There is some uncertainty regarding this last point because, normally, smartphones cannot connect to satellites without a large antenna and a powerful radio. Tesla phone users, however, would get a powerful advantage if it were to work, as they would be able to access high-speed connections years before 5G is available. 

To overcome data caps, I think the better option would be to put satellite connectivity in the car, where the antenna can be better concealed. For 5G networks not available, the car could be used when you want to watch a movie or if a 5G network is unavailable. The car is then always connected to a satellite to enable complete remote operation and provide more reliable reports on attempted thefts or damage in the parking lot.

Finally, because smartphones are increasingly becoming car keys, Tesla phones could further integrate with Tesla cars. 

A feature like this could have dedicated buttons for locking and unlocking, locating the vehicle, and shouting for help to get attention using the external speakers of the car.If you have the autonomous feature and want the car to pick you up, you would be able to locate yourself using your phone, which is especially useful for those of us who have trouble remembering where we parked.

Those features could be made configurable so they'd work in other cars, which could be a step towards selling Tesla automobiles to those people on the phone if Elon Musk is as visionary as Tim Cook was with the Apple Watch. Also, I haven't heard of a Tesla smartwatch that would work with the car, but I wouldn't be surprised if one appeared. In any case, there is a Tesla watch. Unlike other smartwatches and not from Tesla, it is really cool. I have one. 

Qualcomm helped Apple with the first iPhone, and they've improved since then. That's how you make a phone that works out of the box. By partnering with Qualcomm, Tesla could build a phone that is market-leading and then add features such as car functionality, which they are absolutely capable of.

Tesla Phone: When Will It Be Released?

The company has released products that are on-brand but contain interesting elements, such as an umbrella with the Tesla logo emblazoned on it, or a stainless-steel whistle. A smartphone would not be as surprising as those other items, but its release is also not as believable yet as those others.

The following are some of the main reasons we are doubting the phone's release:

  • These ideas - such as Neuralink support and Mars connectivity - are too advanced to be realistic right now, but we'll explore them more below. A device can still be in the works without those features if those capabilities aren't included in the first one. Especially at this early stage, it is reasonable to be skeptical.

  • Neuralink may, in the distant future, phase out handheld devices altogether, so putting any work into one now will be counterproductive.

  • A few of the rumor sources are YouTube videos from adrstudiodesign from early 2021, but they specify that these are the designer's ideas, not actual leaks. This source seems to be the source of most rumors we've seen.

This is what the CEO of Telsa said about the future of smartphones if that isn't enough to convince you:

The price of the Tesla phone has been rumored

There would be a price tag of more than a few thousand dollars on a phone with all the advanced technology described below. As more people use the technology, subsequent versions could become more affordable. However, we wouldn't expect most people to be able to afford the first version. 

According to reports, the phone will start out relatively basic with just a handful of rumored features and probably cost around $800 to $1200.

What Tesla phones have to offer

According to recent rumors about this phone, Tesla will have an over-the-top exoskeleton like the Cybertruck and a defense mode that can defend against bioweapons like some of their other vehicles.

The latest.

Solar charging: Tesla makes solar panels as well as electric vehicles, so this isn't out of the question. Tesla's phone probably won't rely entirely on solar, but the case it ships with may enable some solar charging.

Satellite-based internet: SpaceX (Elon Musk is its CEO) and Tesla have close ties to Starlink, SpaceX's space-based internet service. The Tesla phone even has the potential of helping to finance Mars colonization, a goal the company has held since its inception. However, satellite phone makers will have to conceal the bulky antennas as well as ensure that such a small device will provide reliable service. Theoretically, it could be used somewhere there is a Starlink base, like in a building or, if it happens, in the Tesla car.

Vehicle control: For basic car functions, there is already a Tesla app for the phone: locking/unlocking, controlling media playback, and summoning the vehicle. If not built into the operating system, this app would possibly come preinstalled on the phone for easy access from the lock screen or external buttons. A Tesla phone owner may also benefit from the app's unique features.

Astrophotography: The night sky is easier to photograph with current smartphones already using artificial intelligence and powerful cameras. This capability, combined with SpaceX's extraterrestrial focus, would make this phone a good device for taking photographs of astronomical objects. 

Mining cryptocurrency is another hearsay. It is reasonable to assume that Musk would want to embed this ability into a phone since he has talked about cryptocurrencies in the past. Despite Bitcoin's popularity, and Musk's apparent preference for Dogecoin, it is rumored that Tesla's phone will mine a coin called MarsCoin (that Musk has also tweeted about). To make this work reliably, it would take some serious hardware.

Among the companies working on this is Neuralink. For example, the idea of computers communicating with the brain is still essentially science fiction. The team says that they plan to "design a neural implant that allows you to control mobile devices or computers no matter where you are." with just the activity of your brain. Does Tesla have a chance of being the first to achieve this feat? It'd also make sense for Neuralink to offer an early version of this on its own, considering the fact that Musk owns the company.

Rather than something so maddening being released first, it would make more sense to see something more tamer first - namely, those first four to five features tied into a Tesla-branded version of Android.

Several years will pass before we can use brain-machine interfaces on this device, if it is real and Tesla holds off on the release until implants are available. Tesla's CEO wants to begin using the technology on humans in 2022, but it wouldn't be available to everyone right away because its first objective is to assist those with paralysis.


Tell us which one you like best! A Tesla phone or an iPhone or an Android device?


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