During the development of future flagship phones, Samsung might completely remove the power key and volume rocker. The upcoming Galaxy S23 series will not lack these basic features due to this change in a few years.

It is believed, though outlandish, that the functions of the power and volume keys will be performed entirely by software. Although the source does not specify exactly how the buttonless system will work, it won't go live for Galaxy S23 or Galaxy Z Fold / Flip 5 lineups next year. 

Possibly the first phone to do away with physical buttons is the Samsung Galaxy S25

As the rumor indicates, Samsung might abandon physical buttons from the Galaxy S25, making it the first phone to do so. It seems too early to predict the Galaxy S25's fate a few years from now based on Samsung's usual launch schedule. 

 KT Corporation, South Korea's second-largest wireless carrier, maybe the exclusive carrier for the buttonless Galaxy S25, according to these tweets. As a result, although the KT-exclusive Samsung Galaxy S25 may still have buttons, it could have a different design or software features to compensate.

Be cautious about making any plans based on these claims, and take these rumors with a grain of salt. Additionally, we haven't heard about this alleged design change for the first time. Samsung patents from years ago describe buttonless designs, and the Galaxy Note 10 has been rumored to ditch physical keys. In light of that, it is possible that physical keys will never disappear altogether. Let's suppose this wild rumor is true, but how does Samsung intend to implement this change, and what is the rationale behind it?

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