Trying to decide among two of the best smartphones available in 2021?
Here we have a quick comparison to help you decide which is better for you.

Apple and Samsung are arguablythe biggest players in the smartphone market. Both the giants have recentlyreleased their next-gen flagship devices with new chips and improved hardware.Here we compare the new Galaxy s21 and the iPhone 12 so that you can decide howbest to spend your hard-earned money.


Starting with the Galaxy S21,Samsung has introduced a new design that seamlessly integrates the camera bumpinto the body and makes it look more like a part of the phone rather than justan ugly separate rectangle. The company has also made a major change by goingwith a plastic build this time instead of the glass and metal construction asseen on the Samsung flagships of yesteryear.

The iPhone 12 on the other handcontinues to use the glass-metal sandwich design like last year’s iPhone 11 butnow comes with flat instead of rounded edges. This is similar to the iPhone 5era design and looks quite refreshing. It continues to have a square bump atthe back for housing the camera and LED flash which you may or may not prefer.


The Galaxy s21 comes with Samsung’snew flagship Exynos 2100 SoC for the international variant with support for 5G.The device comes with 128/256 GB of UFS 3.1 storage coupled with 8GB of ram. The display is a 6.2 inch 1080p AMOLED panel with support for 120hz refresh rateand HDR10+ support and goes up to 1300 nits of peak brightness which is sure toprovide a smooth everyday usage experience as well as an excellent mediaconsumption experience coupled with the powerful chipset and the decently big4000mAh battery.

The iPhone 12 is equipped withApple’s A14 Bionic chipset which is the fastest smartphone SoC on the market asof now. The new iPhones also come with support for 5G for next-genconnectivity. The device comes with 64, 128 or 256 GB variants for storage. Thedisplay is Super Retina XDR OLED display with hdr10 and 1200 nits peakbrightness support.


The Galaxy comes with a triplecamera setup with 12MP main camera with OIS, a 64 MP telephoto and a 12MPultrawide sensor. The system features up to 10x Space zoom, low lightphotography and upto 8K 30fps video capabilities. At the front it comes with a10MP sensor for selfies and video calls.

The iPhone on the other handcomes with a dual camera setup with 12MP main lens with OIS and 12MP ultrawidesecondary sensor. It features upto 4K 60 fps video with Dolby vision HDRsupport at 30fps. Apple also claims improved low light photographycapabilities. At the front it has a 12MP camera with 3D biometric sensor arrayfor FaceID.

Both the cameras boast of nearbest smartphone photography experiences with a significant improvement overlast year’s offering. While both devices have excellent still capabilities, ifyou need good video capabilities, you should go with the iPhone as it has beenbetter at video for a long time and now the support for 8K and HDR make it aneven better choice.


If you want the best of what theandroid world has to offer without having to pay a ridiculously high price, thegalaxy s21 should be your pick. Samsung has also recently promised at least 3years of software upgrades for their phones which puts it on par with what the Appleoffers. Its ONE UI skin is now one of the best in the business and the companyhas also been making efforts for better integration with windows PC and the SamsungDeX is another useful feature that allows you to run full desktop-class apps.

The iPhone should be your pick ifyou want excellent video capabilities. It is also the more premium feeling of the two with its metal glass sandwich and sturdy construction. It is also a good option if you areinto or want to get into the Apple ecosystem. Apple also boasts better privacyand security, so, if that is one of you major concerns you should look to theiPhone.


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