The new Android 8.0 has a variety of new updated features for its users and customers. The product would be launching somewhere between the mid of 2017.

The new Android 8.0 has a variety of new updated features for its users and customers. The product would be launching somewhere between the mid of 2017. Undoubtedly 2017 is going to the most exciting year as it brings more and more new technology and gadgets for all the gadget enthusiast. Like before Android has always been using confectionery-themed names like the cupcake, KitKat, marshmallow, lollipop and so on. Fun fact, the Android versions are always been released in alphabetical order. Even the new Android 8.0 has been named to continue its norm. It is named as the Android O which is more trendy. In the name, the ‘O’ stands for Oreo.

There is no doubt why every smartphone has Android operating system in it because it is undoubtedly the best of the best operating system making daily life much easier with its conventional apps and user-friendly features.

3. What’s new in the Android O?

What is new in the Android 8.0 is its new Features meeting the needs of the customers and not just today’s need but also keeping in mind the future.

Notifications behavior and settings

The Android O has been redesigned in a manner that notification behavior and settings can be managed in a more consistent way to make it much easier for the users in future. To be more precise, Android O has included features that enable you to create a user customize channel for each type of notification you want to display. The user refers notification channels as the notification category.

It will also enable you to snooze the notification so that it reappears later as per your convenience. You can manage the snooze notification if in any case, you want to remove or have it.

 Notification badges: Android O introduces support for displaying notification badges also known as notification dots, on app launcher icons. It reflects the presence of notifications associated with an app, which the user has not yet dismissed or acted on.

 It also has timeout option which can be used if by any care you wish your notification to be canceled after some time. Also Notification dismissal, the background color for a notification, notifications that are messaging-related.

 Picture-in-picture (PIP) mode is a special type of multi-window mode which is mostly used for videos and Android O allows activities to launch in the mode.

Automated Framework: Android O makes filling out forms easier like for example login and credit card forms. There will be an Autofill Framework ready so you don’t get frustrated with apps that require these types of repetitive tasks. 

Smart Text Selection: The new Android O helps you to highlight your text which includes further features. With the help of Google AI, you can intelligently act on the words. Like for example, if you highlight a phone number, all you have to do is just tap to dial and also If you highlight an address, a single tap will start navigation.

 Bluetooth: Android O enhances the platform of Bluetooth, supporting it by adding features like Support for the AVRCP 1.4 standard, which enables song-library browsing, Support for the Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) 5.0 standard and Integration of the Sony LDAC codec into the Bluetooth stack.

 There are also other added features like Continued gesture dispatch, API changes, Downloadable Fonts, Fonts in XML, Autosizing TextView, Adaptive icons, Color management, WebView APIs, Pinning shortcuts and widgets, Maximum screen aspect ratio, Multi-display support, Unified layout margins and padding, Pointer capture, App categories, Android TV Launcher, AnimatorSet, Input and Navigation Keyboard navigation clusters, View default focus, System-New StrictMode detectors, Cached data, Content refresh requests, JobScheduler improvements, Custom data store; Media enhancements- VolumeShaper, Audio Focus Enhancements, Media metrics, MediaPlayer, MediaRecorder, Audio playback control, New audio usage type for Google Assistant, Changes to device audio playback, Explicit requests for audio focus Improved media file access; Custom document providers, Direct document access, Paths to documents, Smart sharing, Independent volume adjusting, Fingerprint gestures, Word-level highlighting, Hint text, Continued gesture dispatch, Security & Privacy- Permissions, New account access and discovery APIs, Google Safe Browsing API and many many more.( for more information you can visit

9. Why should you prefer Android O over other technologies?

Perhaps the question should be more like why shouldn’t you prefer Android O over other operating systems. You may think that’s a little too much bragging about the new version but it’s a reality and a dream come true as its updated and innovative features are what will speak for itself.

 You can see the added features that are been mentioned above is quite the answer to this question, but along with the new added features and APIs there are behavior changes as well in the new Android O. You can see apps targeting all API level which is applicable to all apps when they run on the Android O platform, regardless of the API level that they are targeting. All developers should review these changes and modify their apps to support them properly, where applicable to the app. There is also background execution limits. It helps to improve the battery life when your app enters the cached state, with no active components, the system releases any wake locks that the app holds. You can find few modifications in the app shortcuts as well you make it easy and convenient for you. Android O brings runtime and other optimizations to the platform that result in a number of performance improvements. These optimizations include concurrent-compaction garbage collection, more efficient use of memory and code locality.they result in faster boot times, as well as better performance in both the OS and apps.

 You can say that Android O is pretty much following Nougat’s footsteps by completing some of the work that was initially started at Nougat, helping to strengthen the comminuted nature of control in Android. Its User-friendly notification and the permission management of Android O are way better than ever before. Android is more like competing with itself with its latest apps you will feel that the previous version is old school. Android is a very promising technology and like before as it has provided you the unexpected, so you can safely expect more in the new Android O.


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