Metaverse is not the new term you are hearing. this has been in the news since the face-books transformation to the metaverse. If you are still not clear about what exactly Metaverse is? or about its goodness and badness or pros and cons to society! today we are here to explain metaverse in detail,

We may be heard about the existence of a new world, a new civilization in animated moves or in documentations by scientists anyway that has not been proven yet. but regardless of the presence of the new world, we can say our known civilization or life on earth is in a phase of evolution, we are at the door of evolution. Are you confused about why I am talking about the new world and the evolution of the present world!

In the real world Existence of multiple universes parallelly is called multi-verse, In the virtual world, we can consider diverse universes created by specific apps, games, or simulations and the whole thing can be termed a metaverse.

What we are witnessing presently is just the starting point, since the so-called metaverse is meant to be more than the multitude of game universes but it is the comprehension of the virtual world. To be concluded metaverse is anything beyond the world which has the traces in Greek word which means beyond.

As we know for everything that exists in the world will have two shades one will be the brighter and one will be the darker side these consequences associated are not separable like two faces of a coin.


The goodness of Metaverse for society or pros of this new normal

The most exciting prose of metaverse is its ability to make dreams come true. yes, it will allow us to do anything that we have dreamed of by using avatars vertically. most suitable for the creative generation.

For example, You can create your dream destinations maybe green forest or nature with your own taste but it will be in virtual reality not in the real world, despite its virtual existence it will be fully immersed with 3D features the next level experience.

To talk more about metaverse it is an open world where you can select your choice of avatar, play games, attend concerts, converse with people, mine, make NFT wearable, explore, etc


To list the pros of this evolving virtual world,

  • It will bridge the gap of relationships by bringing people together

  • world for real-time fun

  • Gives experience of mysterious aura of alien worlds

  • Make everything enjoyable and interesting

  • Improve work at home and home-schooling

Negative side or Corns of Metaverses

As it is giving the next level of the virtual world feeling it may be a bad thing for the real world, if we are attached and attracted by the virtual world then real it will end up with detachment with society. especially for children who are in the stage of socialization who will get all kinds of knowledge and experiences with real-world may be addicted to this virtual fun world and may miss the most important part of life.

The metaverse can have the following Cons

May end up in addiction

Spending more time than supposed to

Separate you from the real world

Overstimulate your senses

Despite Pros and Cons, Metaverse is the future of the next generation. in a series of computers, the internet, mobile, and crypto it will be the generation revolution.

Like swan which takes milk out of the water, it depends on us to utilize good and leave the bad.


Are you read for virtual world?


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