This is about the safety and security in a smartphone.

Smartphone industry brings up the new artifacts each day, there may be a security issue in a fingerprint sensor that is getting used in 63% of smartphone around the world by the consumer to unlock their phones.

the major issues arise in recent research at New York University and Michigan State University researchers developed a Master Artificial fingerprints that can easily hack any smartphone. The simulation test resulted that the 65% of the time it worked.

This artifact is enough to raise a concern about the security in a real world biometric fingerprint sensors.The issue has been raised in San Diego office of ESET which is well know for the global security firm.

Few question has been raised at the conference about the security:

A. For the Consumer how big and significant this security problem is?

Right now the artifacts in not exist in nature, this is a part of the research the finding do not present an imminent security problem for any end user. If any evidence found that, this kind of attack is being used in any real world scenarios, the manufacturers of the cell phone device have enough option available to quickly act upon the security and protection of the data.

The main reason for the whole research to highlight the problem that may occur in future security systems.

B.Finger ID is Secure Enough to use rather than the traditional Passwords eg. PIN or Pattern?

Right now there is no real world issue has been found so this is safe.But the consumer should use 2-way authentication and combination for complex pattern or digits.

C.Is there any new Technology to make the Smartphone more Secure?

Lots of new biometric approaches have been introduced in the last couple of years and few are being tested from IRIS Recognition ( Samsung S8 and S8+) to eye scanning, special touch gestures, camera selfies etc.

Overall, the suggestion to the end user is, give preference to the 2 way authentication to access your personal data or email or any important documents in your smartphone. Beware of the apps which ask for the permission which is not really required.

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Cellphone Security Issues

Cellphone Security Issues

Are you still wanted to use the fingerprint in your smartphone as a primary source of security and privacy?


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