The spic-and-span Iphones are back to the market again with added basic features with an 'I' tag on them. IphoneX is yet another attempt of the company to quench the arrogant thirst of some rich fools. Let us have a look at the survey that had an interrogation as to why go for an Iphone when the android smartphones are available at a reasonable price. So here are a few answers:

2. Better Hardware and software Integration

"The 3D touch display is smart enough to sense pressure, allowing you to take quick actions from the home screen just by long pressing on an app icon". Well, the touch feature is available at pretty much every new Smartphone launched in 2017. No such difference would be observed by the people using Iphones and the regular smart phones. It's just a way the apple displays its features to attract the riches. Basically, apple fools you to buy the better version of itself with few basic features added to it.


 "The iPhone consistently produces pleasing photos with accurate colour, generation after generation. They up the ante with a sharper 12-megapixel camera with 4K video capture. Just as important as the bump in resolution is Apple's home grown image signal processor, which delivers realistic colours". To be truthful, OnePlus5 has a better picture quality, more realistic features, and more accurate color precision than that of an Iphone. Even the HTC U1 and Honor8 pro have been ranked above than apple in terms of the camera quality. According to sources, Google Pixel XL ranks first in the best camera phone one can have till date.

4. It's the Easiest Phone to Use

 Apple believes that this is the easiest phone to use by far. There's no separate app drawer for your apps and no annoying overlay to get in the way. Basically, nothing has changed in the menu display of the Iphones for eras. So a regular iphone user is easy to work upon. One just has to pick the phone, turn it on and open any application and work on it. The one of the most appealing character is the proactive assistance features, improved search and smarter Siri add up to a better overall user experience than Android.

Talking about the actual features launched by Apple on Iphone 8 is the "Animoji" character. So basically, the animoji is nothing but an emoji that recognise your muscle movements and the emoji behaves the same as you do. Well that is one drastic feature that everybody had been waiting for too long. The "$1000 Emoji Machine"!

The other very important change in its display is, the Home button is now removed. Apple thought of it as a useless button which was very unpleasing to use. So instead the phone would now have the slide gestures instead of the Home button for every use. 

 Photos and videos now take up the entire phone, though one might notice a black bar at the top. That is the another very cool feature of I phone X. It is particularly designed to irritate people while watching videos or playing games. That would continuously annoy you till you get a new I phone Y, with this feature removed, but with a higher price tag. But, why would you care to pay an extra bucks for it to remove when you can easily pay this much amount for this one. Till then you could name it another 'Icool' feature. Scrolling through the black bar is taken care of so that you don't feel too bad about it, but because of this cut out bar, it actually makes a lot of existing apps pain to look at, as it either neglects the remaining area at the top as well or with the content going behind the notch.  

 Going from the large sized previously launched phone, I phone 8, you are actually getting a cropped content. The images and videos are cropped because the display too is cropped.

7. iCamera

Speaking of  its camera, it has new studio lightning mode which you might not see in the other Smartphones in their default cameras. Though a good editor app in other phones would pretty much do the same things or even better.   The rear camera is 12 megapixel with dual flash and the front camera is 7 megapixel, which is not too different from a budget smart phone.

Iphone X has a screen resolution of 1125 X 2436 pixels which is again a disappointing factor as it is much poor than the other smart phones. Its glass body is very appreciated by the viewers but neither is it a new concept. Asus Zenfone3 had the same glass body and was launched way before.    

9. New FaceID unlock System

Lets talk about the real innovation now. The "Face Id" recognition. The  big black notch has a dot projector, that has the sensors to recognise your face. Well, this is also not a new feature that has been placed to a smart phone for the first time, though Apple have worked on this software and assures to be at a good performance. But the real questions is, was it needed? Or was the fingerprint touch better than this? The answer, by a survey, is a big NO. It was not at all necessary to introduce this new feature of face id. The fingerprint sensor was enough for us. It was a very easy and the best feature to unlock the phones. Also, the fingerprint was much quicker to unlock the phone whereas it takes a while to recognize the face.

Another feature that Apple boast about, is its Apple A11 Bionic processor, and its super AMOLED capacitive touch screen display. That is the thing that is not too much to go against. The only thing that is also appreciated by the non-I phone lovers. This processor is renowned to be very fast, even faster than the Intel or android processors. But the display is one important thing to worry about. The display is not that bright. When compared with the Samsung Galaxy S8, it is clearly observed that it is quite dim, which is something that one must take under consideration while buying an I phone.

A major disappointment in Iphone X is its audio jack. It does not hold a 3.5 mm audio jack and has a lightning to 3.5mmheadphone jack adapter. So, basically it has just one jack , to support, both the earphone and charging of the phone. Clearly one cannot listen to music and charge their phones at the same time until they switch to wireless charging, which again is not a very comfortable one to use. The funniest part is, they say the phone supports wireless charging by simply placing the phone in a mat which IS connected by a wire that charges the phone. If it supports wireless charging then why does its charger has to be plugged in Apple?

Its storage capacity is 64 Giga Bytes ,that comes under $999 ,which is very less again and if you go for 256 Giga Bytes you will have to pay $1,149 for it. The additional products and services include an apple care that costs $200 on the top of the already ridiculous price. It supports wireless charging that costs $150 and if you want to take advantage of the phone's longer and faster charging capabilities then you will have to pay $50 for USB C- to lightning cable. On the top of that, you will also need to spend an additional $49 for a necessary power adapter. Almost every smart phone manufacturer includes their phone's charger inside the box. Apple's pricing is truly scandalous.  This new Iphone is now in the same price ranges as that of a Mac book, a Mac book pro, both Mac book S, a Mac mini , a standard I Mac, and an I Mac with a 4K retina display. Apple does not have to change because nobody is asking them to. People buy it , not because of its features but just to prove that they too can afford it.

Apple phones are not affordable by every people. They are way too expensive. People instead prefer to buy a budget smart phone with all new features that apple launches later with an 'I' on it. If a person is smart, he would never waste this amount in buying a smart phone which uses the existing technology as its new creation and sell it at a couple times higher price with a cut on the apple logo on it to make people maintain their standards. How else would they post a mirror selfies on the social networking sites bragging about the phone. Also, who wouldn't want a Siri in their life? How meaningless would their lives be without her. So, if 1000 dollars are digging a hole in your pocket and you wanna throw it the apples face for the Iphone10 then kudos to you my friend, you are an honoured Ifool.


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