World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) announced iOS 16. Discover the new features, the release date, and what's compatible with the new version.

During  Apple's WWDC keynote on June 6, the company announced its big yearly operating system updates. iPhone is Apple's biggest and most important platform, and iOS is, therefore, its most important OS upgrade. In 2021, Apple's iOS 15 had a successful launch and added a number of new features. iOS 16 did not disappoint.

You'll learn everything you need to know about iOS 16 here, including how the new operating system will affect your iPhone. The new features of iOS 16, as well as the release schedule of the new software, are discussed, as well as how to obtain an early beta copy.

iOS 16: when it becomes available

In September 2022, following the annual iPhone event, iOS 16 will likely be released to the public. Apple has only announced that the iPhone will arrive in the fall; anything more is speculation. 

Previously, iOS 15 was released on September 20, 2021. Accordingly, iOS 16 would probably be released on September 19, 2022, or at some other point during that week. To go along with the new iPhone, the big release usually happens during the fall. In the weeks and months following, more point releases will be released with additional features and bug fixes.

Release of iOS 16 Beta:

Immediately after its release, the iOS 16 developer beta was available; here's how to install it. An iOS public beta is expected soon. In the following weeks and months, we'll see a series of developer and public betas that will lead to the final release of iOS 16.0. 

  • June 6, 2022: iOS 16 is released to developer beta testers

 The following are our expectations for the next few months based on previous release dates:

  • The public beta of iOS 16 is released in July 2022. This has been confirmed by Apple, which started on June 6: "A public beta will be available for iOS users next month.")

  • Public release of iOS 16's final version in September 2022. 

 From June 6 to September, various beta versions will be released, and we are expecting a lot. The developer beta for iOS 15 was released eight times prior to the gold master (gold master).

iOS 16: Compatability

There are a few limitations to iOS 16 for older devices, though. Apple warns, for example, that iPhone 11 and later can use the Live Captions accessibility feature, while iPhone 12 Pro and higher require the LiDAR scanner for Door Detection and People Detection. 

Since last year, there has been a significant change. Apple announced at WWDC 2021 that iOS 15 would be compatible with very old models, such as the iPhone 6s (2015) and former SE (2016) models. The iPhone 7 and both of them have been removed from the supported list. You may want to upgrade your iPhone if you have one of these models.

iOS 16: New features

Lock Screen

You can customize the look (change the colors and fonts) and integrate widgets to keep track of the weather, your Activity rings, or whatever information you need easily accessible. You can also customize your Lock Screens to include your own wallpaper and widgets, rather like the faces on an Apple Watch, and switch between them with ease.


They now roll into the screen from the bottom instead of appearing on top of it, which seems a more logical way to present them. From the Lock Screen, users will also be able to follow sports games, Uber rides, workouts, and more. 


You can now tie Lock Screens, widgets, and Notifications to Focus modes. If you use the Work or Personal Focus modes, Apple suggests that you switch to a data-rich Lock Screen while in those modes. By swiping you can switch to that mode. 


Messages received three big updates from Apple. Messages can be edited after they're sent, they can be unsent, and any thread can be marked as unread. A smaller but still significant update is the addition of visual elements for customizing your Memoji, such as new hairstyles, headgear, and nose shapes.


You can use your ID as an in-app verification: a useful feature if you are unsure about sharing personal details but want to prove that you are over 21. In addition to supporting Messages, Mail, and WhatsApp, Wallet will also allow sharing of digital keys. 

Apple Pay

The company also announced two new initiatives: Apple Pay Later (which allows users to pay in four equal installments, available in the US only) and Apple Pay Order Tracking (which provides receipts and order tracking information through the Wallet app for Apple Pay purchases).

Safety Check

As a privacy feature, this feature allows you to monitor who has access to your permissions and revoke those permissions, making it useful for anyone coping with domestic violence or similar problems. Messages and FaceTime can be restricted to the device you're using, and you can reset the privacy permissions for system apps.


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