The new feature is similar to Instagram Reels, which appears to be a copy of another app's offerings.

Originally, Instagram was a place to post food photos, selfies, or photos of friends on the beach. Apparently, the purpose of the social network was for people to quickly share snippets of their lives or interests with their friends. Since the app launched 12 years ago, it has undergone a number of transformations. 

In the aftermath of Facebook acquiring the social network, your feed underwent a number of changes. In the beginning, there were ads, then stories, then suggestions, then reels. TikTok-style videos and Snapchat-style direct messages are among the features offered by the app. Suddenly, Instagram has gone from being a place where you could follow your friend's weekend trip to a place where you're sold on renting a cabin in the mountains.

It's rumored that Instagram is working on mimicking its own version of another social media platform gaining popularity. It offers users unfiltered, unposed moments from friends through a platform that lets them post once a day, BeReal, a French app launched in 2020.

The Instagram app is already testing a similar feature internally, according to Mashable. It is a selfie challenge offered by Instagram where users are prompted to take a selfie at random times of the day. The two minutes following notification will be the same as in BeReal. The feature is currently being tested, an Instagram representative told Engadget. We shouldn't be surprised if it enters our feeds, but that doesn't guarantee it will.

In terms of its attempts to offer features similar to other apps, Instagram has received a poorly received response. Instagram's original app was well-liked by users. The apps I use for different purposes should be different, according to me. It was precisely its difference from Facebook that initially attracted me to Instagram. Neither posts nor friends nor products were suggested to me. It was my turn to curate the feed. TikTok appeals to me because I go in expecting cat videos but don't know what to expect. With BeReal, I don't have to listen to a lot of noise, scroll a lot, or push a lot of buttons.

Whenever I compared myself to other girls or pop stars in high school, my mom would tell me: You don't need to be anything other than you are right now. As you are, you are perfect. Tracey suggests Instagram should take a cue from her and be comfortable in her own skin (technological features and algorithms).


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