The HTC Facebook and Twitter pages announced an upcoming 'Log In To The Future' event on June 28. Unbeknown to some, Viverse is HTC's ecosystem of virtual reality and augmented reality (AR/VR/XR) products and services.

On June 28, HTC is all set to launch its first metaverse-powered smartphone after being absent from the smartphone market for so long. Over the past decade, HTC has been competing against Apple, Samsung, OnePlus, and Xiaomi, but now it is nowhere to be found.  

Through a virtual segment called 'Vive,' the company has gained a foothold. With AR/VR headgears starting at $129, HTC offers a wide range from $129 to $1399. It now offers a premium smartphone that is designed with VR in mind. 

Our current knowledge of it

There is little information about the new metaverse device aside from its June 28 launch date, but we can expect that it will combine VR technology and smartphones. 

A new metaverse was launched by HTC in March 2022 which was called Vivaverse. The book describes Vivaverse as "an open and accessible virtual world connected to people from all walks of life". In this project, "any" will be used to connect communities across the metaverse. This means that VR and AR headsets will also be supported. 

It is very likely that HTC will use the top-of-the-line Snapdragon 8 series by Qualcomm or the density 9000 series by MediaTek to process multimedia. 

Manufacturing was scheduled to start in April, but issues with global supply chains, as well as the Covid-19 epidemic, may have slowed down production. As of 2019, HTC had tried out blockchain on Exodus 1 and HTC One. Due to the lack of popularity of cryptocurrencies, however, the series did not find success. 

Indian consumers still don't know if the phone will be sold in the country.

Specifics will be announced at the June 28 launch event.


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