Google the big G will be in news frequently for so many reasons, and now we have Big G Google making noise at the start of 2022 in the news media. This article covers all the different questions you may have.

Some of you may want to know if Google's critical Pixel 6 update is live yet. and You may be even curious about Google's upcoming projects for 2022 and Pixel 6 Pro reviews, which will be a big iPhone competitor in the year 2022, as well as Pixel 7, Pixel Watch, Pixel 6a, and more. Here's a wrap-up of all the news on big G, google.

Google in 2022 : about Pixel 6

Pixel 6 users can expect a new update in the coming days. Mishaal Rahman, an Android expert, noted on his blog that Google has posted OTA and factory images for the January 2022 patch to its developer site. Therefore, anyone with a Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro can sideload the update now, and some devices have already received the official over-the-air update.

Google has confirmed the software rollout has begun. If your device and wireless carrier support it, the software will automatically roll out over the next week.

With some phones' built-in checkers, the process may start now, and for those that don't, sideloading is still an option. 

The Pixel 6 owners have been waiting eagerly for this patch since it includes numerous bug fixes. With the Pixel Stand 2, it will be possible to charge your phone wirelessly with 23W and tweak the fingerprint sensor. Its ultra-wideband chip allows you to use the Pixel 6 Pro as a digital car key. Also included in the update is the "Quick Tap to Snap" integration that Google and Snapchat highlighted during the devices' launch event and new bass controls.

After the Google Pixel 6, Galaxy Watch 4, Wear OS in 2021, Will Google have anything new in 2022?

Google in 2022: Is Pixel 7 on the way?

It is only a matter of time before the Pixel 7 follows the Pixel 6. We should know a great deal more in the fall since five of the last six annual updates have been in October and one in September. In the meantime, we can only wait and see what 2022 brings. As you might expect for something so far away, we expect the second generation of Tensor chips and plans for an under-screen selfie camera as well.

Google in 2022: Pixel 6a

Pixel 5xl, Pixel 5xl, 5a, and Pixel 5xl are all expected to get the same processors, but the ‘a’ series is harder to predict - there was talk for a while that there wouldn't be a Pixel 5a due to chip shortages, but it was later announced that it would be available only in Japan and the US. 

However, there are rumors that the Pixel 6a is in the works. but the handset is expected to have a much-improved camera, with the 50MP Samsung ISOCELL GN1 sensor replacing the 12.2MP sensor in the last three generations.

A Pixel fold for Google in 2022

The Pixel Fold was once expected to arrive before 2021 ended, but that seems increasingly unlikely. Reports suggest that it may be put off until the second half of 2022 or canceled altogether. 

Despite its apparent demise, we expect Google to save costs on the same 12.2MP IXM363 sensor used in all Pixel phones from the 2018 Pixel 3 to the 2020 Pixel 5. 

Android 13 by Google in 2022

Those looking to check out the new version of Android are able to download beta versions earlier, but it doesn't launch alongside the Pixel phone. According to Google, beta versions are available starting in September/October. 

In Android 13, secondary accounts may be able to have their own NFC profiles, though XDA Developers reports that this may not be the case yet.

A Pixel Watch for Google in 2022

It has been rumored before that Google is developing a wearable to showcase Wear OS, but this time the company seems committed. In promotional images, it appears the Pixel Watch will have a round display with a crown-like an Apple Watch.

Pixel Hardware is apparently working on it, which makes no sense until you remember that this is the same company that spent $2.1 billion on buying Fitbit, a fitness band specialist. However, it seems that Fitbit could be integrated into Wear OS, which is supposedly codenamed Nightlight.

No Pixel book in 2022

Following Google's Pixelbook Go in 2019, one might expect the Chromebook to be updated. That would be incorrect. Chrys Tsolaki, Google's Retail Partner Manager for Chromebooks, said there will be nothing next year. As for the future, there are no guarantees.

Here is an estimate of what purchasers may expect from Google in 2022

Price them low and keep them low

Not more phones, but better phones

The focus is on improving tablets

prioritizing Wear OS

Avoid losing the zest of the Pixel line





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