India is one of the major countries, who have committed to the Paris agreement on climate change where it has pledged to nationally determined contributions, reducing Greenhouse gas emotion by 2030. in order to fulfill its commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emotion India should move from Traditional petrol- diesel-based vehicles to electric vehicles, especially cars.

By shifting from fossil fuel cars to electric cars, India can reduce its dependence on west Asian countries for Crude oil imports and can become an indigenous, self-reliable Automobile hub. Indian Automobile companies are on their way to build new electric cars, like Mahindra recently announced its six-year plan for Electric vehicles like EV by 2026 and Tata Motor's Nexon EV.

Upcoming Electric Cars

Around 23 upcoming electric cars e-Tron GT, EQA, Zoe, eKUV100, Tiago EV will be launched in India in 2021-2023. Among these 23 upcoming cars, there are 7 Sedans, 10 SUVs, 10 Hatchbacks, and 1 Luxury. Of the above, 4 cars are expected to be launched in the next three months.

Range of Prices

Tata Tigor -   EV₹ 11.99 Lakh
Tata Nexon -  EV₹ 13.99 Lakh
MG ZS  -  EV₹ 21.00 Lakh
Hyundai Kona Electric -   ₹ 23.79 Lakh
Jaguar I-Pace -  ₹ 1.06 Crore
Mercedes-Benz EQC -  ₹ 1.07 Crore
Audi e-Tron - ₹ 99.99 Lakh
Audi e-Tron Sportback - ₹ 1.18 Crore
Jaguar I-Pace - ₹ 1.50 Crore
Nissan Leaf EV -  ₹ 30.00 Lakh
Audi e-Tron -  ₹ 1.00 Crore
Audi e-tron Sportback - ₹ 80.00 Lakh

More Interesting information about Electric cars


Cost is the most important aspect for any customers to buy any products, yes electric cars are as costly as corers together but the range is not only high, there are affordable cars as well, as the range starts from few lacks like 8 lacks, car lovers can shift from traditional car to most exited trendy Electric cars.                                  

 Design and style: 

As electric cars are the eye chapter of the 21st generation, these cars are Hyper stylish in terms of their color, design, and model. interior and exterior set-ups are not much changed than traditional ones, only some redesigns have been made for the electric version.


Usually, it takes an hour if you use a fast charger to charge about 80% if you use a regular one it will take around 9 hours to charge 80% of capacity.  in a capacity of 100% charge they will usually give a mileage of 300km.

 Upcoming electric cars: 

  Mahindra e20 NXT,   Tata Tiago EV,  and Tesla Model 3 are the upcoming electric cars that are planned to launch soon in India.

 As there are new electric cars on their way to India get ready to have your own new electric car.

Are you exited to buy electric car?


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