Users took to microblogging site Twitter to write about their issues in accessing Facebook and Instagram, using the hashtag #instagramdown and #facebookdown.

We are not in the 21st century! we are in the social media century! yes, we came to know our daily life dependability on social media platforms after a few hours of outrages of so-called social media like Facebook, Whatsup, and Instagram.

A few hours'  inaccessibility to Facebook caused Flood in Tweet.

 Suddenly, Social media platforms WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram suffered an outage or down for several hours on Monday, which forced to fall down Mark Zuckerberg from the third spot on Bloomberg’s Billionaires Index to the fifth.

Exactly what happened!

Users were greeted with a “couldn’t refresh feed” message,

All Facebook apps have been inaccessible for several hours in what is definitely the longest Facebook outage in recent times.

 They reported that they were unable to send or receive messages.

 Not only this happened with Facebook, Several users, including those in India, were unable to access WhatsApp, Instagram on both Android and iOS platforms.

 the technical glitch took place around 9 pm (IST), According to DownDetector, a website that tracks WhatsApp outages, 40 percent of users were unable to download the app, 30 percent had trouble in sending messages and 22 percent had problems with the web version.

 The company also confirmed this with tweets (since Twitter is the only major social platform working right now) across its various corporate handles.

 Once this popular social media went down, this became an opportunity for competitors, with Signal tweeting that it has seen a huge influx of users, who are not able to send messages using WhatsApp now.

Meanwhile, users worldwide are flooding Twitter to make jokes.

This type of internet Outrage is not a new thing, On June 8, huge chunk of the Internet was inaccessible with popular sites like Reddit, Twitch, and several others all affected. And in August 2020, there was a huge outage incident involving  Google, which also made a huge impact.

Impact of this Outrage/down of Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg was at the third spot on Bloomberg’s Billionaires Index.  According to Bloomberg, the stocks of Facebook fell by 5% on Monday, adding to a 15 percent decline since mid-September.

Mark Zuckerberg’s personal wealth has fallen by nearly $7 billion in a few hours( with a total wealth of $121.6). dropping him down to the 5th spot in the billionaires’ list, according to Bloomberg’s Scott Carpenter


Companies response to Outrage:

After the six hours of outrage, the longest one the Facebook and Whatsapp took tweeter to apologize it users and also gives them hope of restoring of apps with hard work.

Are you victim of Internet Outrage?


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