Can DELL and HP be together?

What are the reasons behind the success of a company? There are many, but the one which is common in many successful areas is the power of unity. It is best if we combine different skills together to achieve a better result in any aspect. It will create a better version of what it would have been created individually by them before association. That is also the major reason for as to why do the companies tend to make their products with various flaws and fails to be the best in the market. 

Competition is the other factor that seems to stand in way with the success of the firm. Companies like HP and Dell, have built a strong position in the market and tend to let each other down to make the rise of their own. This way there is a time lag between the uprise and downfall of the companies. They compete with each other to secure the best place and position in the market. But what if they merge? Will the people get a better technology? Yes, for sure. Viewing the capabilities of HP and Dell, they both have their own domains in which they excel.

According to sources, Dell is heading towards the progress in the area of digital convergence. It highlights the norms of the future of technology which will be able to change the vision of the entire world drastically within few years. The advancement lies in the aspects of highly connected, secured, automated, intelligent systems that would help to create a smart world. They would not only handle the employee provisioning but also will take care of the floor work, healthcare and many different provisions one can ever dream about.

The aim of the company is to develop an automated Artificial Intelligent system that would be the core to all the decision making including self-controlled motion gestures and driving cars automatically.

The impressive growth of Dell till now has been possible just because it had merged with EMC which provided Dell, a massive scale, better technicalities which helped it to achieve a place amongst the top leading companies in the world so much high that it still has a reputable position in the market and a corking  brand name .

The latest strategy, on which Dell has been working upon, to achieve its aim, is to work in quislingism with the entire Dell Technologies and the several other partners like Intel and Microsoft. With Unity comes the power to greatness following success. If this deal is to be made then, Dell is sure to come to a position that no company in this has ever reached up to till now including Amazon and Google. Well, Dell has another setback coming its way. This strategy majorly relies on robots which Dell has neither intelligence nor plan to create.  

On the other hand, HP contrives to 3D printing. They are poised to turn its massive print unit from what was viewed as a liability into a massive asset. HP has been a leading brand in selling printers widely all over the globe. Lately, they have advanced to create and ship the 3D printers at a massive scale as well. 3D printable models may be created with a computer-aided design (CAD) the package, via a 3D scanner, or by a plain digital camera and photogrammetry software. 3D printed models created with CAD result in reduced errors and can be corrected before printing, allowing verification in the design of the object before it is printed.

HP claims to offer not only monochromatic plastic but also a full color that improvise metals. It is likely that each home and each business, in the long run, will have 3D printers, and the open door could, because of provisions, surpass that of cell phones. This technology is sure to lead the market of technology. It has a wide range of use and desirable products can be obtained. It will also be an asset to fulfill people's need and so will be highly productive. Any firm, which has the lines on 3D printing is sure to be more dexterous, adaptable and capable to modify items being fabricated all by their own.

Generally, 3D printers when conveyed in an assembling line are robots. So it can be characterized that HP is making robots that can make any desirable thing come to existence. This is advancing the use of full shading in plastics and utilization of metals to obtain products of mixed materials.

What if Dell and HP work together? HP has an area with the robotic technology, whereas Dell has its area of Artificial Intelligence. If these coordinate among each other, they could create the best working system that they would never be able to achieve on their own. Dell's future is to make AI controllers, that would require a mix of profound learning, machine learning, and deduction. But, it does not specialize in making robots, which is what HP is working upon.

Similarly, HP focuses on robotic 3D printing, which is mind-boggling robots, and would require the skills for the coordination and arrangement that the Dell Technologies is working upon.

It would be highly beneficial, for both the firms to work together, as it would be highly profitable for both of them and their vision to make respected technology might be succeeded.


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