After announcing the first ever Blockchain Smartphone back in may this year, the industry was keeping an eye and waiting for this much-hyped and talked-about phone. This wait was over yesterday when the Taiwanese Electronics giants HTC announced the pre-order for the device which they are calling Exodus 1, which you have to buy on Blockchain.

So what exactly is this Blockchain Smartphone which the company is talking about? Is it really blockchain on phone or is it phone on blockchain? Let's explore what is in the box of this blockchain based smartphone and what the users will get.

What is so exciting?

Exodus 1 is not just another smartphone it is The Blockchain based smartphone. Wait now what does that mean?

That means that the phone contains a wallet for cryptocurrency trading which is “protected from Android OS” i.e. kept away from the reach of Android OS which again means that it is not another app store’s some wallet app or maybe you won’t need one now for cryptocurrency trading. The wallet is kept away for the phone’s operating system to making it more secure.

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Is it Secure, But How? What if you have lost the phone?

HTC is using a secret sharing algorithm so that the user can recover its social key if they have lost it, someone stole it from them or they have misplaced it somewhere. So now if you have been trading with cryptocurrency you must be knowing how much this social key is important for the trading. To do this user will have to download a secret sharing app on their smartphone and need to have a circle of some trustworthy friends who will keep a part of the information about the user’s social key and by collecting these parts or pieces the social key can be recovered.

This social key is important to recover one’s wallet. So even if your phone is stolen don't worry your cryptocurrency is safe and you will not be poor again. And cracking this secret sharing algorithm is not an easy task to do.

What else one is getting?

Other than a secured wallet one is getting a 6-inch HD+ display, 16-megapixel dual rear camera, 8-megapixel selfie camera with bokeh effect Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 process with 6 GB ram, Ooooh that should be fast. Other than this 128 GB storage and 3500 mAh battery and all of this operated by Android Oreo. and like every other smartphone phone with such specs Exodus 1 is also dust and water resistant with the IP68 rating.

Exciting isn’t it?

Here comes the best part, How to buy it?

You have to buy it on blockchain in bitcoin or ether. Well, that makes sense if you don’t trade in blockchain why would you need a blockchain smartphone. So the price offered by the company is 0.15 BTC or 4.78 ETH making it equivalent to approx $960 USD. The first deliveries are expected to be in December in 34 countries list which does not include China ad China has a different set of rules of cryptocurrency.

We don’t know how much this phone will be useful for the users but one thing is for sure that these crypto phones has potential in satisfying the growing need for privacy and security over the Internet in coming future. And We hope to see more such Blockchain smartphone in time to come.

Mention in the comment section below what do you think about the new Exodus 1 and what features interested you more


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