Aniket Singh and Rishabh Tripathi have created "Bhai Lang," a new programming language. As with any other programming language, "Bhai-lang" works like HTML, CSS, and C++ and has its own GitHub page.

"Bhai-lang" - How it works?

Hindi - speaking netizens all over the world have been inspired by the 'bro-talk' language found in this toy programming language.

"Bhai" means brother in Hindi. Typescript is used, and Indian words such as "bhai" are combined with English words such as "hi," "bye," and other aspects of English.

"Bhai-lang" also has its own syntax. Upon visiting its official website, the code begins with "Hi Bhai", meaning 'hello brother', and ends with "Bye Bhai". Outside of the tags, no code will be accepted. A prompt would appear saying, "Arre Bhai Bhai Bhai" if a developer makes a mistake in the syntax. 

As with other computer programming languages, like HTML, CSS, C++, etc. The "Bhai-lang" also works like any other. GitHub hosts the language and its source code, as well as a comprehensive guide to conditionals, loops, and built-ins. 

Like other languages, numbers and strings have a boolean value, and so do strings and boolean values. 

A code playground is available on the website of "Bhai-lang" for users to play around with the new language. As a result of the code running successfully, the programming language will produce a green message saying "Shandar Bhai".



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