Another TikTok competitor by Facebook?

Short-form video platforms have become a fast-growing trend in recent times. Small 15sec to 1min videos have proven to be much more appealing to people around the world and garner much more views in a much shorter span of time. With the rise of TikTokand similar platforms, this style of content witnessed a meteoric rise and every social media company wanted to cash in on this wave. With the recent backlash faced by Chinese digital media companies, other players quickly introduced similar products to the market to provide users with an alternative.

Credits: Facebook

Facebook-owned Instagram recently introduced the “Reels” feature to the app which is very similar to the way TikTok operates. Now the company has introduced a new app called BARS focused on rappers.

The experimental app released by Facebook’s internal R&D group, the NPE team, aims to provide rappers with a platform where they can create and share their raps using professionally created beats. Rappers would be able to choose from a library of beats, write their own lyrics and create their own video. The app also provides audio and video filters and even an auto-tune feature.

As per the report by TechCrunch, the UI seems to be quite similar to its rival TikTok with some changes in names for sections and menus. Users can tap on a video to give it “Fire” similar to hearts or likes on other platforms. Videos can be navigated by using vertical swipes and users can follow their favourite creators using the “Follow” button which is for some reason hidden in the context menu.

The app also features experience tiers ass beginner, intermediate and advanced. Beginners are provided with an auto rhyme dictionary and a “freestyle mode” for users closer to advanced. There is also a “challenge mode” where you can freestyle with auto-suggested word cues.

For now, BARS is only available as a closed beta for iOS in the US. As of now, there is no word on its availability on Android


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