Apple is developing sensors with blood glucose measurement capabilities for the Apple Watch Series 8 that will be embedded in next-generation watches.

Apple Watch Series 8 is expected to release in the next few months and we'll be looking at its release date, design, specs, and new features.

One of Apple's major releases for 2022 will be the company's latest version of the market-dominating smartwatch. How will the new Apple Watch look?

All the latest Apple Watch Series 8 leaks, rumors, and rumors are gathered in this article. Our review will give you details about its release date, pricing, new features, specs, and design changes.

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Surely, it will be called the Apple Watch Series 8.

Let's start with the most likely news this year - the Apple Watch Series 8 will be the main release. There have been just two models (the original Apple Watch and the cheaper Apple Watch SE) named without a Series and a number. 

It's also possible that SE will be followed by a second (or third) model bearing a different name. Besides a second-generation SE, Apple could also release a brand-new Apple Watch Pro or an Apple Watch Sport, a model Apple reportedly considered in 2015.

What's the release date for the Apple Watch Series 8?

September 2022 will likely be the Apple Watch Series 8's release date.

It was once difficult to predict when Apple would release its smartwatches, but now it seems to have settled on September as the launch month.

Recent iterations show this:

15 October 2021 for Series 7 of the Apple Watch.

18 September 2020 for Apple Watch SE

18 September 2020 for Apple Watch Series 6

21 September 2018 for Apple Watch Series 4

Only the Apple Watch Series 7 bucked the trend of recent years by announcing it in October. The year 2021 was an unusual year for a variety of reasons; we suspect that shortages of semiconductors and distribution issues related to COVID were responsible, and both should (hopefully) be less of a factor in 2022. 

It is quite likely that Series 8 will debut in the fall of 2022, regardless of the precise month - although we still strongly suggest September.

What will the cost of the Apple Watch Series 8 be?

According to Apple's history, the Watch series has been priced fairly consistently, so we'd expect the Apple Watch Series 8 to be priced at £369 for the 41mm model and £399 for the 45mm variant.

It is expected that Apple will maintain those prices for its new Series 7 model in 2021, and they have been with the first two generations too, so it seems reasonable to assume that it will keep those sweet spots for the new models. Another rumor suggests a new, larger model is on the way (we discuss that below), which would mean an additional price tag, although we have not heard any details yet on what that might be.

Newer versions of the Apple Watch, such as the Apple Watch SE (2020), vary in price between £249/US$249/AU$429 and £279/US$279/AU$479 depending on the display size you want. As of the time of writing, it is still possible to buy an Apple Watch Series 3, which is available for a very reasonable price of £179/US$199/AU$299 for the 38mm and £209/US$229/AU$349 for the 42mm, although its age is showing.

Modifications to design

According to rumors, the Series 8 may introduce an additional size option with early rumors from analyst Ross Young. It won't surprise us if there's a third size in 2022 in addition to the classic 41mm and 45mm sizes. 

Taking into account the increased display size offered by Series 7, it would seem that a larger model would require a bigger chassis to accommodate the larger screen. Would this give room for additional sensors and features? The addition of new capabilities would make sense, but would this also mean a Pro version of the Watch? Quite interesting.

As suggested by tech leaker Jon Prosser and concept artist Ian Zelbo, this could be accomplished by moving away from the classic design of the watch and moving to a flatter, squarer design.

The new-look was developed after Prosser received a mixture of images and CAD files sent by his sources. Then Ian Zelbo was able to work his magic on them, and a lovely potential facelift for the Watch line was the result.

Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman and noted industry analyst Ming Chi-Kuo have both predicted new Apple Watch designs are on the way. It may have been that most were seeing Series 8 details instead of Series 7 details.

Updated features

Updated features

In our current state, there isn't a lot of information on new features that we know will be included in the Apple Watch Series 8. There are some features that could show up when Apple revamps the catalog, even though so many previously rumoured improvements have not been included. 

 A better battery life, for instance.

Apple Watch's battery life can be a bit disappointing when compared to other smartwatches.

 The Series 7 was rumored to address this issue, but there wasn't much to get excited about. There may be room for a bigger battery with Apple's redesign (as discussed above). 

 Will Apple go with a Mini-LED screen?

One way to enhance the battery's longevity is the move away from the current OLED display to microLED and mini LED alternatives, which have been rumored for some time. It is true that reports have been circulating for a while that new iPads and MacBook Pros will introduce this technology, but few have received it yet. Apple has begun transitioning to Mini-LED panels with the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, and we expect the MacBook Pros to have them as well. 

If the Mini-LED panels are perfected, it's possible that Apple's smallest displays will be among those to benefit from Micro-LED panels. This would be a significant new feature if it came to fruition, but there might be too many unknowns in terms of costs and production. 

 Introducing a blood sugar monitoring sensor

Apple Watch news would not be complete without mentioning some kind of health-related feature. The Watch has been positioned as the centerpiece of Apple's healthy-lifestyle world, and if current rumors are to be believed, we could finally see blood sugar sensors in the near future. In an effort to measure blood glucose more efficiently, Apple has applied for patents on devices that use non-invasive terahertz (THz) electromagnetic radiation, which would certainly be a boon to diabetics who require needles multiple times a day at the moment. 

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