What is the release date of the iPhone 14? We look at Apple's history and some current
rumors to find out

The iPad 14 Pro and iPad 14 Pro Max may be the first Apple devices with an always-on display. A Bloomberg report suggests that Apple will be introducing the feature with iOS 16. The feature would allow the iPhone to display information even when it's locked.

As Apple's next phone in its 2022 flagship line, the iPhone 14 is expected to be launched in the fall of 2022. In recent days, there have been several rumors about the design, price, and features of the next iPhone (maybe it'll finally be notchless with Touch ID), but it's early in the phone's development cycle, so most leaks and rumors should probably be treated with skepticism. The iPhone 13 rumor mill is proving to be inaccurate after all. 

Neither the release date nor the price of the next iPhone has been rumored. The company will host its 2022 WWDC beginning on June 6. During the keynote on the first day, it is very likely that Apple will announce iOS 16, the next major software update for the iPhone. Normally, Apple announces its newest iPhone at an event in the fall. Apple's iPhone event typically takes place in September, followed by the release of the new iPhone.

The first or second Tuesday of September tends to be the day Apple unveils its new iPhones. The iPhone 13 series went on sale last September 24 following the official launch of the iPhone 13 on Sept. 14, followed by preorders starting Friday, Sept. 17. If Apple announces the iPhone 14, it could happen on either September 6 or September 13. I estimate the pre-order period for the iPhone to open on Friday, Sept. 9, or Friday, Sept. 16, next year. 

There is usually a week and a half delay between Apple's announcement and the release date of the iPhone. Especially when launching a new model or size, launch dates are sometimes staggered for specific models. There could be more than one release date for the iPhone 14 lineup. 

A few years ago, another theory came out of the woodwork. CNET developed a compelling Labor Day hypothesis based on a detailed examination of Apple's event timeline. If the Labor Day rule was followed in 2022, Apple's September event (and the iPhone 14 unveiling) would take place on Wednesday, Sept. 7, with a release date of Friday, Sept. 16. For 2020, labor day is approximately one month off due to coronavirus delays. For 2021, it is a week off because of delays related to the coronavirus. 

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