amazon drone service is in India.

Amazon, the largest seller of online brands, has his happy customers in a large number. The demands of the customers are good products with speedy delivery. The quality of the products is majorly clearly specified in the product description column and review by the customers themselves. So the only thing that Amazon has to worry about is its delivery. Customers are being accustomed to fast delivery services, which can be delivered within few hours or at least in a day or two. This is possible for people living in the urban areas to receive their orders on or before time. However, it is not possible for people living far away from the urban places to receive it earlier than 5-7 business days. So, keeping this into consideration, Amazon is ready with its new idea to deliver its products with the use of drones.   

Amazon has received patent rights to send its products to customers by the means of drone aircraft. A patent is an official document that gives a person or a company the right to be the only one that makes or sells a product for a certain period of time.  

Sources say that they had been planning it for too long, and it won't been long when they set their plans to action. This new idea of the system for aerial delivery was brought up a long time back. However, in the month of March, the federal officials gave Amazon permission to test the drone delivery plan. Amazon plans to make use of the GPS(Global Positioning System) to deliver products to their customer residences. It will use the customer's mobile device to avoid the obstacles and identify the safe area to land.

The main aim of the company is to deliver their products weighing up to 5pounds, within 30 minutes of people ordering it on their website. But the company still faces regularity hurdles in the US, where autonomous drones are still not authorized to fly under FFA rules.

According to a report by Business Standard, Amazon has filed for a patent tending to drone delivery in India as well for the rights to have multi-scale fiducials, for the self-operating aerial vehicles to deliver the products to their respective places at a very less time.

According to a report regarding the specifications filed with the Indian Patent Office, the multi-scale fiducials will have three or more scales, where the child fiducials are nested or linked by a relative position to the parent fiducials, thereby, facilitating target identification and tracking.

Although they have been working for too long on this project, finally the company showed off footage for its first delivery completely by drone, that too very successfully. It was projected in the small rural town in the Cambridge, England. This project was a complete success and viewing this achievement they planned to launch it India as well.   Fiducials are optically recognizable features often used in computer vision applications. The common ones are the grids of black and white blocks of a fixed size. These grids are very useful for various aspects including localization, tracking and detecting the orientation of objects marked with these features specifying robotics and printed circuit boards.

But a very important question is, Will it really work for India? Keeping in mind those narrow lanes where wires rule the major part of the roads. Also, a very less number of people own a personal drone in India and it is banned in few cities of India. The population density in the urban places of India is very high so it is practically impossible for a drone to deliver its products to the customers. The drones in India would be an eye-catcher, so, therefore, that would obviously increase the risks of not only delivering the products safely but also the drones being unharmed by the people.

It might be possible to launch this new innovation in a country like the USA but in India, it is very unsuitable for Amazon to bring it to action. Although this new concept would create an enormous technical as well as financial advancement here in India. It is very less likely for it to work here and would require a proper infrastructure for it to execute with minimum obstacles and hurdles, also it would require a very great time before launch.

Amazon is working on its drone operations, and trying to gather more essential data to ensure its proper functioning and improved safety and reliability of the system. They would require conducting proper tests in India that would prove it to be worthy to launch. With the co-operation of people, it is possible to make it come into action. They are working with regulators and policymakers in various countries to the Amazon drone Prime Air concept available for their customers all across the globe. This is not necessary that Amazon, after the signing of the patent,  will execute the plan to complete success and would be beneficial for them. It could also drop the company to losses.

One of the many ideas that Amazon is working on is that of the Beehive tower. It is a tower, as described by Amazon, that could blend into an urban landscape, where drones can easily load and unload themselves, from multiple ports located on its exterior. It would also require robots for making the work more convenient as it would be very helpful to human workers filling orders and very items around the building. Robots would be helping the drones when they would need to be restocked, recharged, or would require maintenance.

  The idea is very innovative but it would require a proper planning and an organized infrastructure for the plan to execute properly especially here in India.             


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