India Aadhaar Biometric turns most secure system from Cyber Attack around the world

Aadhar system went through various controversy at its beginning phase and later adopted by all the organization, government unit, banks and in other sectors as a primary identification method.

Cyber Scam already made people suffer a lot around the world. And current the largest dataset of unique user identity in India is Adhar card and UIDAI ( Unique Identification Authority of India) confirmed that till yet the system hasn’t faced any cyber-attack. However, UIDAI refused to share there cyber-security assessment criteria.

Currently, UIDAI has the data of 12 Billion people in more than a 6000 servers located in the various city in India.

The Centre for Internet and Society (CIS) investigated and shown concerned that over 2 Billon user database which includes the UDID and other personal information could be hacked and stolen from the government portal which is partial secure. 

On the statement of CIS, the organization showed the concern and stated to make most of the server secure and protected from the Cyber Attack.

We hope that all the data of our Indian people should stay secure so that it can't be misused.


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