10 evil ways to use the technology

In today’s world everything is just about convenience,accessibility reducing manual efforts technology has played a major role.Notebooks has shifted to tablets and all other things can be done either with alaptop, PC or a smartphone and the way we use technology has completelytransformed our lives.

No matter how much technology has been helping us to do our things more quickly and efficiently,there are always people who are ready to exploit it. So, a question to wonder “Is technology good or evil?  “ .  Some say technology is a worship while others say it’s a curse.  We all know the good use of technology so here, I cover about the evil ways to use technology hence you can know be well aware about it and how you will use it to protect yourself.

Here are top 10 evil ways of using technologies. Let’s look at it.

10. Spoof Caller ID

It is basically faking a number call - You can change your Caller ID (SPOOF) when calling. Spoofing Caller ID has been the domain of pranksters and scammers, and this technology often is used unethically such as in common telephone scams, for example, where “Microsoft” calls to warn you your computer is infected or has a virus and they will help you fix it (for a fee). These applications were made for prank calls or fooling your friends (basically for fun purpose). But then this is an evil way of using it. So beware! There are true blue reasons why you might need to make your telephone number show up distinctively on caller ID (e.g., ring a youthful child as Santa or Cinderella), and there are loads of spoofing applications and services to help you do this.

9. Uncover Blurred Information in Photos

9. Uncover Blurred Information in Photos

Generally, people obscure out any sensitive piece of information on photographs or pictures before uploading it, so that it is not visible to others. But still it turns out that, this strategy is not safe and secure – especially when you are trying to hide numbers because hackers can easily uncover blurred information in photos.Before doing this just remember don’t use simple mosaic to blur out images or numbers!

8. Create a USB Password Stealer

Hackers or cracker scan steal our passwords just with a single script or even with a USB steak drive, getting it through the cache of the browsers. It is really awful that major passwords leak happen so awful. Now how to protect yourself – one of the ways is to use a secure password manager to store your password. Secondly, you can turn on two-factor authentication. Besides most simple way is to always have a physical control over your device and of course, consider changing your passwords regularly.  

7. Get into a Private Bit Torrent Tracker or Usenet Indexer

who spends money on downloading movies, games or anything? LOL, I guess no one. Everyone use piracy to download things. So just assure everything before downloading. And yes,  private trackers and Use Net indexers are great communities, but they take dedication and they are difficult to get into.

6. Spoof an Email Address

6.  Spoof an Email Address

Caller ID isn’t the only thing spammers spoof. Spoofing is also done by mails. You must have heard the term ‘phishing’. Spoofing an email address is phishing. Sometimes even your friends, to prank you, mails you a link to open and redirect you to wrong links. Same thing is done by hackers or spammers; they either take your data away or redirect you to download something which contains virus. 

In this case, always open the link from trusted sources.

5. Snoop on Someone’s Phone or Computer Without Them Knowing

Snooping what someone is doing is like  "watch them and report me".  is someone monitoring you? The ISP? Your organization? or anyone? The answer is, possibly yes. Parents generally monitor their kids to track them and couples snoop on their partners out of insecurity or whatever may be the reason but covering these steps is not that difficult. If you think someone is stealthily looking on you just check out the signs. 

4. Crack a Wi-Fi Password

WEP passwords are very simple to crack using tools like backtrack either on Linux or windows. Even non-hackers do it for fun purpose and crack their neighbor's password. now you can obviously imagine how easy it would be for hackers! This is the reason why everyone recommends WPA or WPA2 passwords, the latest encryption standard. However, WPA can be cracked too but only when WPS is turned on your router. So now you have two options –either keep WPS off or don’t purchase the routers which contain WPS.

3. Hack a Wi-Fi Network

3. Hack a Wi-Fi Network

Ever imagined what’s worse than cracking a Wi-Fi password? obviously hacking a Wi-Fi network and spying on everything going on over your network. Fake instances and networks, created with the help of Kali Linux, can be utilized to trap machines into interfacing, and after that listen stealthily i.e. eavesdropping on system interchanges. Yes, all these things exist for real. It is not a magic it’s all playing with technology. So yes it is  agood time to check your router settings, of course.

2. Sniff Out Passwords and Cookies

It is quite simple for hackers to snoop and sniffs your browsing sessions- especially when you are connected to public Wi-Fi networks and they are never secure.

Try not to use public Wi-Fi networks. But if you do, then always use a VPN network to protect yourself. And you should always use HTTPs to connect instead of HTTP because HTTP is not secure.

1. Break into a Computer

Last but not the least, the evilest thing you can think about is breaking into someone’s computer. you may shiver to know it’s really easy to break into a PC, whether it’s a Windows or a Mac(yes, Linux is more secure) even if your computer is password protected. If you use some encrypted methods like BitLocker in windows, you will be protected from some of the more common methods hackers use to steal data from a computer.

So what you can do is keep changing your passwords regularly and keep a good password. Now you must be wondering what a good password is? A good password is easy to remember and hard to guess. Do not keep the same password for all your accounts.

 What I think is technology is a necessary evil. But it has always existed for better things and will continue to do. But yes some people did and will always use negatively. On our part what we can do is always use it constructively and if used so it will always help us do things more efficiently.



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