Wearable devices have constantly been improving and have seen a boost in recent years. How they can prove useful for a work from home routine? Read below.

Last year around this time, theworldwide COVID-19 pandemic struck and most of us were forced into a seeminglyunending lockdown that brought our lives to a complete halt. Schools, collegesand offices were shut down and most of them are to this day with no certainanswer as to when we would be able to get back to our pre-covid “normal”.

But, as life must go on, manyoffices adopted a work from home strategy to minimize the loss of work and time.This has worked for many with varying degrees of success, slowly we have gotused to this new workflow and realize different requirements to better boostour productivity.

Here we have some ways on howwearable devices can help improve your work from home experience.

Audio Devices

A work from home constitutes a lotof video calls and meetings. A good audio device is hence a necessity for maintaininga good workflow.

Wireless headphones can be a goodoption for this purpose as they can provide good enough sound quality andcomfort required for long hours of use. Nowadays we can find a good pair ofwireless headphones for quite a low price with a good enough mic for taking calls.Also, working from home can provide a lot of outside disturbances and mostheadphones can provide some level of noise isolation. If you desire absolutely nooutside sounds then investing in a pair of ANC Headphones can be a worth it

If you find headphones to be bulkyand uncomfortable, you may want to look towards wireless earphones or TWSoptions. These can be a much better lightweight option and have greater portability.However, TWS don’t have as long battery life has headphones or are as durable. 

Fitness Trackers

Health is a big concern in today’s timeas we are in midst of a global pandemic and the work from home routine canpromote laziness, increasing weight, and depreciating health. Poor health canalso lead to loss of concentration, decreased productivity, and even cases ofmental illnesses have seen a staggering rise.

Hence, a fitness tracker can helpmonitor the health and plan daily exercise routines, break times, etc. formaintaining health and fitness.

 Most fitness trackers also come with somebasic call, notification, and alarm features and can help in cutting some screentime

Smart Watches

If you are not satisfied with the barebonesfeature set of a fitness tracker and require more functionality, smartwatchesare the thing for you. Most smartwatches today come with fitness trackingfunctions as well as much more functionality on the productivity front.

These can help in cutting downscreen time some more ass you can view and interact with the incoming calls andnotifications and decide if they actually deserve time on the big screen. Some watcheseven allow you to type a quick response if the need arises. Also with theintegration of voice assistant in many smartwatches, you can create schedules,reply to messages and do much more without having to go to a PC or your mobilephone.


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