TruePic will help to detect the fraud images in Tinder, Airbnb and more.

The major problem now days is this what they really look like,  are the photos used in various portals, are not photoshops? Is the person profile images are real or not?

 To answer all these questions TRUEPIC came upfront with the startup’s image verification technology.

TRUEPIC works on Android and IOS devices and the patented technology will verify the images has not been edited, copied, existing in some other website or storage, watermarks, timestamp and other meta information. TRUEPIC store the image version on the basis of digital value algorithm and gives six-digit unique value to each image and the blockchain technology create distributed copies of the data in the global servers.

TRUEPIC will unveil its SDK to embed its technology in consumers apps and products.

 The co-founder and COO of TruePic Craig Stack said “We are way past the tipping point in terms of how easily things are faked online and the loss of authenticity and reality in favor of perfection” , image editing software's , snapchat , Instagram etc made the photo editing easy for everyone but Businesses need solution to fight against the falsification on photos so that the end users will only see the original and anti filter images.

If you thinking of using fake images, photoshop skills, snapchat filters for the business use, may need to go through the legal action from the owner.


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