A new console dedicated to 'Web 3 gaming' has just been unveiled, which may be the worst idea since investing in cryptocurrency.

It's now official that an NFT gaming console will be available in the coming months. Polium, a Web 3 company, will release the Polium One gaming console sometime in 2024. It will support both existing games and new games that utilize multiple blockchains. 

A traditional gamer who does not understand Web 3 will find the console easy to use, as it is powerful enough to run high-performance games.

In late summer or early fall 2024, Polium One will be released. Players will need to purchase a 'Polium Pass' - a limited supply of 10,000 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain - to pre-order the coin. 

As stated in a statement from the company, we are presently working on the console's power tree. It should be possible to have a functional prototype by the end of November."

The console will be able to output 8K HDR at 120fps and feature ray tracing, and its controller will include a fingerprint scanner and a wallet button for quick access to a multi-chain wallet. Users will be able to trade, swap, stake, and receive cryptocurrency through the console.

Polium One has received a healthy dose of criticism despite the excitement the announcement has generated. From those who do not believe blockchain gaming can work to those who think it's a hoax, there are a lot of skeptics. 

Among the biggest criticisms of the console is its logo, which looks disturbingly similar to an upside-down GameCube logo. Taking to its Twitter account, the company responded, "It looks familiar, but GameCube's name is represented by a cube. Blockchain is represented by our cube, and Polium is represented by the P."

"We did not copy the logo from Nintendo's GameCube," the company stated on Twitter. A similar logo can be found on the websites of multiple companies. A new logo will be illustrated, however, that is original." Additionally, the logo has attracted comparisons to PebbleHost's logo and PQube's, a UK-based publisher.

As well as criticism, the Polium Discord server appeared to be unmoderated at launch. A discussion thread about the Polium One was posted on Discord's 'scam alert' channel, which is supposedly for reporting potential NFT scams. One of the very first comments on the 'ideas and feedback' channel says, "give up."

Skeptics have been accused of fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) by the company in reaction to these attacks. In order to clarify, the prototype for the gaming console and controller is being built by four of us."

The prototype will be shown live on YouTube or by someone who is well-known and trusted. By running games built with different programming languages and blockchains on the prototype, we will show that the console can run games on different blockchains."


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