Internet revolutionizing the world

We live in an age where internet helps us to stay on the top of things for work and pleasure no matter wherever we go.You all of course know, what is internet? A system of interconnected computers worldwide. This is such a technological advancement that has revolutionized the world and the way we do things. Today, people have become regular and even rather obsessed users of the internet and cannot live without it. From shopping to ordering food to booking cab to paying bills to recharging phones to even sharing a moment internet comes to our rescue. But as the coin has two sides, the Internet also has a great impact on our lives. Let us look at some of the ways which are changed for better.

Things That Changed for Better

Things That Changed for Better

Internet building relationships and social networking

This is one of the prominent aspects!  The internet has and definitely is changing the way we use to interact with others. It has removed all communication barriers and for sure has brought us together in topic-based independent communities by freeing us from geographic fetters. All of us agrees that.Right? The rise of the Internet has sparked a debate about how online communication affects social relationships. The changes in social communication are of particular significance and in building relationships among various countries, communities and organizations.

Internet and Education

Yes, this is in favor. It is helping the society to gain knowledge surfing about certain things or accessing news online. Some organization or institutes launch their training programmes online which is accessible to lot many people regarding their locations. You all know that there are also many sites which offer online courses for people.

Internet and Social trends

If I am not wrong, we do get exposure to the world around us. We get to know the things that are newly available and accessible to all the information has become easy. Internet banking is a growing trend now and people prefer paying bills online. Why will someone want to go in this hot and stand in a queue..! Online music, online shopping, pop culture and much more are redundant benefits. 

Internet and Business

Economy too has been greatly affected by the introduction of internet in this field. The Internet stimulates growth, coupled with intensified productivity and competitiveness.The use of e-commerce should be pushed among both small and medium-sized enterprises so that growth opportunities can be utilized more ferociously.Following the global craze of the Internet, companies should incorporate their online operation.

Things that changed for worse

Things that changed for worse

It has become an obsession

This is true, indeed! Nowadays there is an urge to google everything. We have become slaves to that impulse as we take it for granted. I feel none of us would deny this fact.

Privacy and Internet Security

As more data is available and accessible online and shared with third parties, the risk of data breaches increases. Moreover, therein lack of control of the individual over the personal data. This is a big concern that should be taken care of.

Wastage of time

Haha !! Again we won't deny this. We sometimes waste a lot of time on the Internet because it is addictive. We have become addicted to it. If there won’t be any work, still we unnecessary waste time on the Internet.

So, at last, I would just say that the choice is ours and how we deal with it. 


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