The most awaited technology with a promising future is going to launch this year, 2017

Intel- sponsors of tomorrow.

Intel never fails to justify its tagline, with its new innovative gadgets and technology. And in the year 2017, we’ll be a part of the new generation technology, Intel Core i9. The new Intel Core i9 will give you a glimpse of the future as it’s updated and innovative features are what will speak for itself.

The core “X-series processors” accelerates the performance and the output gain with 15 percent increase in the performance of the “single- threaded” and 10 percent increase in the “faster multi-thread” over the processors exclusively with Intel. So the focus and the attention is undoubtedly on Intel Core i9, a desktop chip with such an immense power that Intel had to fashion a new name for it.

With the upcoming Intel Core i9, you can visualize the future as a world of 4K video and virtual reality. It is not just bragging but it’s a reality and a dream come true for all the video makers and video editors out there but a video isn’t just the only use of Intel Core i9’s $1,700 monster truck CPU. Such an immense boost can be made use for compilation of the code and will help you experience ultimate virtual reality and also it would be of great help to those who need to “navigate several interrelated tasks at once”, for example, live-streaming of different high-quality videos or video games. Streaming video games live online are not as easy as they seem to be because a number of tasks may be performed at the same time. When you are just playing video games it's not just a single task but you are taking two to four threads and are recording that video and broadcasting it online on the internet and along side you may all be using other websites for information or may be using some social networking media, message any of your friends, that takes up a few threads as well and all of this would be made easy and fast by none other than the new Intel Core i9 .

Now a question may arrive in you, that what does the core signify and what exactly is its actual purpose?

Core signifies a complete self and one core means one task been completed at a time. The name Intel “Core” is been has been derived from “Conroe”, which was a processor invented by Intel itself to replace the outdated Pentium 4 and Pentium D as it gives 40 percent more performance with 40 percent less consumption of power as compared to Pentium 4 and Pentium D. The first ever launched among the core series was the Intel Conroe XE/ Intel core 2 extreme, then came Conroe-L, Conroe-CL and now after an evolution of the technology came the latest Intel Core i9 .

 What does the core “x-series processors” do?

The core “X-series processors” of Intel has other benefits as well besides ultimate speed limit that it provides. It has the latest “Turbo Boost technology”, which now comprises of the top upgraded applications of single-threaded or light-threaded cores. None the less all the limelight is on the extravagant horsepower stealing all the attention and focuses as dreams are turned into reality with the help of Intel Core i9 because being a leading producer meeting the high-end demands of consumers of PCs matters at the end of the day, as it is the only thing that will be left until the end .


Comparison between Intel i7 and i9

Intel i9 comes with variants starting from 10 to 18 number of cores whereas the number of cores in Intel Core i7 varies from 4 to 10. It has Multi-cores means a number of real-time tasks with no lags and crashes. For example surfing net with Adobe Photoshop running in the background along with a soothing music playing on your desktop. Each core in its own is capable of performing a process. As the successor of i7, i9 can turbo boost up to 4.50 Ghz compared with i7 which can turbo boost up to 4.30 GHz. Cache Memory used for faster access to the data is 13 Mb in i9 whereas in i7 it was 11 Mb. It is very powerful yet available to users. It can mark a change in current processing and gaming experiences. Its Ram can support up to 128 Gb.

 You may think that the latest Intel Core i9 is been reinvented or re-branded. The point is not totally disagreeable as promotion or marketing of the product is very important but the Intel Core i9 is the first ever desktop processor that will be used by the consumer which will cram 10 cores and 20 threads, 4.30 GHz max turbo frequency, 3.30 GHz processor based frequency, cache 13.75 MB L3 into just a single piece of silicon. A feature that will enable you for task juggling with full-throttle. It will have unimaginable properties. With this, you can visualize the future as a world of 4K video and virtual reality.

 The more the number of cores and threads that a single CPU contains, the more will be the efficiency to perform the tasks irrespective of how many performances are been done simultaneously. If you think that 10-core, 20-threads, 4.30 GHz max turbo frequency, 3.30 GHz processor based frequency, cache 13.75 MB L3 processors are overblown for a lot of consumers, then you’re not completely wrong depending on the perfect implementation and application. If it is been used properly then it can be of great use and maybe a lifesaver too.

 In last few years time the company has dropped off a little as its desktop processors have felt a bit low. Generally, when a new product is been launched you know that the newly launched product is the updated version of the old products by adding up new features like an increase in the power, efficiency, updated graphics sector and so on. And as the Intel’s brand, new updates are not about reinventing chips but it does provide you shocking horsepower which on today’s date has a great demand among companies and customers.

 Those manufacturers that keep the customer’s tech need as the top most priority, they know that the PCs are not as popular as they used to be before , and we all know the reason, as they are been replaced by the latest technology - smartphones, tablets, which are handier and can be used for a number of home-computing chores. They have a lot of other advantages too including low power consumption, high efficiency, affordable, but irrespective of all these factors it would be wrong to say that the PC makers in business are fighting to get over all the problems and competition that they are facing to get back in business.  

 There can be some major problems being faced by the marketing department so some new innovations are to be brought into the picture. Business markets may have to end PC market if nothing is been done to face the obstacles, but now that the new Intel Core i9 is been launching this year expectations are there that it can take up the marketing to great heights full filling the customer's needs and demands. It is estimated that the high-end desktop will increase by 30 percent in the upcoming years. It is sure of the increasing growth of the Oculus-ready PCs. It will also ensure the accessibility of 4K and 360-degree video as was said earlier. The previously launched PCs are really the only kind of computing left for which you need the traditional old fashioned computer.

Intel has a secured future, providing the semiconductor chips for processors that can support cloud computing, it is not just about overcoming the drawbacks of the last PCs but much much more than that. You can see its efforts to spur Thunderbolt 3 adoption and helping in a number of data get transferred through the air and a hardware that can clock 40Gbps ”. Therefore most of the PC owners nowadays would able to take 100 percent advantage of 10-core, 20-threads, 4.30 GHz max turbo frequency,3.30 GHz processor based frequency, cache 13.75 MB L3. Intel Core i9 is invented keeping in my mind of the future rather than the present.



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