Apple and Samsung have been rivals since very long.

Apple and Samsung have been rivals since very long. Their relations are clearly visible to everyone in the market. Especially since the last few years, when Apple filed a patent against Samsung on April 15, 2011. These two companies have been fighting with each other over various matters with Apple winning some and with Samsung winning some.  Apple sued Samsung for layout patent infringement. 

Apple’s longstanding legal battle with Samsung has finally drawn to an end. On the day of the hearing, the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear Samsung’s appeal of a jury ruling which originally awarded Apple $120 million after finding that Samsung had infringed upon a number of iPhone innovations, including the slide-to-unlock feature Apple touted on the original iPhone and smart data detection. The data detection in an IOs is a feature able to detect when an item like a phone number is present in, say, an email. In turn, the number will become a clickable link that will allow the user, in this particular example, to quickly tap it and call the phone app into action.

Apple blames Samsung to have infringed upon the models of phones and tablets that were designed by the original apple. Samsungs latest model "Galaxy Nexus" has been considered or rated better than the iPhone by the people. Apple claims that Galaxy Nexus not only poses a huge threat to Apple but ripped off several patented aspects of the iPhone. On that basis, Apple is demanding a "preliminary injunction" to stop Samsung from selling the phone.  Apple has a long list to blame Samsung for, some of which are:

The "slide-to-unlock" feature 

Apple's feature of sliding the finger across the screen to unlock the phone.

Searching multiple sources of information at once

Apple's Siri works upon this new feature that provides the information.

Detecting phone numbers in emails so you can just tap the number to call someone. 

A built-in spell-check that suggests alternatives when you misspell something.

These features are the ones that Apples reckons to have ripped off by Samsung. Though the list was long the key feature that the case focused upon was Apple's patent, the SLIDE TO UNLOCK feature. This was the major issue in the part where Apple really had some valid demands that were brought in front of everyone in the court. The next was the auto-correction for the text, which is available while texting via any messenger or messaging application software. The other was the detection of the phone number from a mail that immediately copied the number in the dial pad when it was been tapped upon.  The court’s ruling told the trial judge to consider increasing Apple’s judgment in the case based on any intentional infringement by Samsung.    

The most essential thing that one has to know about is whether or not did the Samsung actually ripped the features by the Apple. Some features that Apple demands to have been copied are actually valid. But not all of them are true. For instance, Apple's slide to unlock pattern has been its own new edition, and also the auto- detect features have been new in its part, but, the search multiple sources and auto-suggest have been already used on many other platforms. They might have been used in the mobile phones for the first time by Apple but obviously, they have been used in the web and word processing programs for quite a long time. 

Their patent might have been limited to the web browsers only and not to the mobile phones, that is why Apple confidently reckons to have this as its own invention added to its cellular appliances. So basically, the patent violation is not by the Apple, but for Samsung, it is definitely going to be a big problem to compensate upon. It hardly matters whether or not the matter is patent-able to demand. What actually matters is a fair sum of money to be paid to the lawyers. The lawsuit will probably lead to millions of dollars in legal fees on both sides followed by Samsung paying Apple a bunch of money in a settlement in a few years. And because Samsung will no doubt be suing Apple for something at the same time, there will be more millions in legal fees and settlements going the other way. 

Samsung, obviously, isn't happy at all at the judge's jurisdiction in the court. They blame the decision to be wrong on the point of noting that Apple’s slide-to-unlock patent has been invalidated by various courts around the globe. According to a report by CNET, Samsung's statement in the wake of Supreme Court's decision reads in part:

Our argument was supported by many who believed that the Court should hear the case to reinstate fair standards that promote innovation and prevent abuse of the patent system. One of Apple’s patents at issue, in this case, has been invalidated by courts around the world, and yet today’s decision allows Apple to unjustly profit from this patent, stunts innovation and places competition in the courtroom rather than the marketplace. 

“The jury verdict on each issue is supported by substantial evidence in the record,” Circuit Judge Kimberly Moore wrote for the majority Finally, few days before, The U.S. Court of Appeals declared another victory for Apple in its five-year-long legal battle with Samsung. Apple won its appeal in an 8-3 ruling that reinstated a previous patent-infringement verdict that awarded the company $119.6 million. The judges in the case said it was wrong for the three-judge panel to throw out the verdict in February and suggested Apple could be owed even more money. This would not be the last of it. Apple claimed that Samsung copied the design of the iPhone — is set to go back to court in May 2018, with Samsung able to whittle the damages to $400 million from an initial $930 million. These companies will fight over anything and everything possible and continue to blame each other for copying their makings.  Apple and Samsung's legal battle isn't going to end this soon.  


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