Here I have given rise to something interesting for you, have you ever desired to know what keywords people would be searching mostly on google or what would be the most asked questions on google then this Is blog is especially for you only.

Topmost 50 Google searched keyword globally in 2020

Keyword                  Search Volume
1. facebook                        1.4B
2 .youtube                           1.2B
3. google                              594.1M
4. gmail                                 428.6M
5. amazon                            350.7M
6. weather                           299.4M
7. hotmail                             272.1M
8. translate                          266.7M
9. google translate          243.6M
10.instagram                      224.7M
11.traductor                       220.9M
12.fb                                        214.0M
13. whatsapp web           209.7M
14. clima                                201.8M
15. cricbuzz                         142.4M
16. google maps                141.5M
17. yahoo                              126.6M
18. maps                                108.1M
19. netflix                              105.7M
20. yahoo mail                    105.0M
21. ebay                                 100.1M
22. you tube                         94.8M
23. twitter                             91.9M
24. tiempo                             91.4M
25. вк                                       90.1M
26. yt                                        83.1M
27. facebook login            82.9M
28. погода                            82.1M
29. tradutor                          80.1M
30. outlook                            74.1M
31. переводчик                 65.4M
32. whatsapp                        65.0M
33. walmart                           64.8M
34. coronavirus                   64.4M
35. meteo                                59.6M
36. livescore                          58.5M
37. bbc news                          56.6M
38. news                                   56.3M
39. previsão do tempo     56.1M
40. satta                                    56.1M
41. satta king                         55.7M
42. sarkari result                 55.7M
43. ютуб                                   53.8M
44. roblox                                 52.6M
45. google traduction        52.2M
46. olx                                         50.6M
47. satta matka                     45.8M
48. pinterest                           45.3M
49. restaurants                      44.9M
50. wetter                                 44.7M

The above-given probe volume is the annual average that how many times these keywords are searched annually in this year.

So at the top in the list of keywords searched on Google in 2020 Facebook is in the top list and it's three times in our list searched by different keywords Fb and Facebook login well it's not shocking but really exciting to see this, I think people nowadays are very much addicted to social media and almost everyone is available there on Facebook and using it many times a day for connecting to their friends, partners, family members, or for posting about their lifestyle or updating their friends about their travel, or for advertising events, products, services, etc or to get rid of boringness or loneliness.

Now talking about youtube which is the second most searched keyword in the list and twice in the list, well I am also one who loves using youtube whenever I want to chill or even it helps me in my studies and works also. Because on this platform you can get a lot of videos which will help you in your daily life, for example, If you want to study any topic of your any subject for helping you in your studies you can get it easily here, If you don't know how to cook you can easily search for the recipe of any delicious food which you want to prepare. So I think it was the lockdown for some months, people have been too connected to youtube so they can cook delicious food for their family because I don't think everyone knows good cooking but they can become a good cook after watching videos for the recipe because even I have also been good in cooking after this lockdown and credit goes to youtube and I have also used it for watching movies, songs, and much more entertaining videos and Netflix which is also in the above list in top 20 shows that people love to watch web series.

I think due to the pandemic people have used mails a lot because even I also have used it very much that's why Gmail is fourth place on the list and having more two mailing apps on the list Hotmail and yahoo mail.
E-mails have been more popular among people of all ages even among children after the lockdown because many things have been started online like school, college, tuition so the teacher asked for all the projects, exam sheets, to sent online through email which made it more popular among children age group and office peoples were using it, as usual, they were before lockdown.

Amazon in fifth place shows that people trusts and prefer Amazon more than any other shopping apps because no other shopping website exists even in the top twenty, only eBay is there on the twenty-first number in the list.

I think Google is being incredibly helpful to peoples of different countries for understanding the language of some other countries because it's very easy to translate with the help of Google and we can see that in the above list once this keyword is searched as translate on number eight and then on nine number as Google Translate and then as Google traduction below in the list.

I think now we should move to our second list.

what are the most searched words on google in 2020 globally or trending on Google?

2.Election result
3.kobe Byrant
6.India vs New Zealand
7.Coronavirus update
8.Coronavirus symptoms
9.Joe Biden
10.Google Classroom

Top Most searched word globally in the list is Coronavirus almost everyone would have searched it on Google because it is a globally spread disease which influenced the lives of all the peoples globally, The first human case of this disease was found in Wuhan city of China in early December 2019 and from there it started to spread in the whole world and approx  1.73 M people have been died till now due to this disease so everyone is tensed about it and wants to know about symptoms of the disease so if they found any symptoms in themselves they will start medication and quarantine themself to save other from getting affected by them that's why on number eight in the list it is searched Coronavirus symptoms and just above that in the list is Coronavirus update, After all, people are very much afraid of this disease and want to know how fast it's spreading means the current rate of active cases Or how many cases are closed Or what is recovery rate now when the vaccine will be launched.

Election Result on this every country, state, the city all depends because if the leader is chosen is not good or will not have progressive and helping nature for the peoples then they will face a lot of problems in upcoming time and their conditions will become worst. And I think that's the reason it is in the top second number on the list because this year a lot of elections took place worldwide and everyone was willing to know that the leader won is of their choice or not.

Now on the third top searched word is Kobe Bryant I think you would have heard about the death of a famous basketball player and his 13 years old daughter in a plane crash in starting of 2020 because it was the headline of news channels at that time, he was only that famous basketball player with him his daughter Gianna also died tragically on 26 January 2020 in a helicopter crash. The helicopter crash took place in California, It crashed in the hills due to heavy fog.

Now on the fourth number Zoom is
In the list, this helped us a lot in the lockdown for attending school classes or college classes to students and it is helping us till now and will help us in future also because with the help of this app we can arrange a meeting which can be attended by up to 100 participants for free and this limit can be extended by paying some charges this is very nice for office meetings, coaching classes, school classes, college classes, and other meetings.
And we can also see on ten number Goggle classroom which is a substitute for Zoom and can be used for the same purpose.

IPL (Indian premier league) Millions of people from all over the world love to watch this sports league which is on the fifth number in the list and In India, it was top searched word on google, this time IPL tournament was shifted out of India and was held in the United Arab Emirates there were no fans allowed in the stadium due to the Covid-19 restrictions but that didn’t stop the fans to lap up the action on television, people from all over the world loves cricket most in the sports I think because India vs Newzealand can also be seen in the list on number sixth.

Joe Biden is trending on number nine in searched words in the list. He won the US presidential election against US President Donald Trump and Joe Biden will be inaugurated as 46th US President on January 20, 2021. I think when people came to know about his winning everyone would have started searching about him to know about the person who won the presidential election and going to be the new president of the US.

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