Microsoft is going to introduce the "Next Generation of Windows" at an event on June 24. This may be a reveal of a new OS - Windows 11 as speculated by many, rather than just a major update to Windows 10 as previously thought.
Source: The Verge

Microsoft released Windows 10 in 2015. The OS has been a great success and brought many improvements and addressed many complaints users had with the previous version, Windows 8

At the time, Microsoft stated that Windows10 will be the “last version of Windows”. What this essentially meant is that instead of releasing a new version, the OS would receive continuous updates that would improve the OS and introduce new features. Microsoft had adopted a bi-yearly update plan where a minor and a major update was released to the OS.

Now though, Microsoft has a support docs page that lists the support of “Windows 10 Home and Pro” ending on 14 October 2025. This leads us to believe that the company will be releasing a new OS in the event scheduled for June 24, 2021. 

Source: Microsoft/Github

The Next generation of Windows

We have been hearing for quite some time that Microsoft was planning a major overhaul of the platform in terms of user interface and new functionality. This is codenamed the “Sun Valley” update. However as previously thought, this may not be just another update to the Windows10 and rather, Microsoft may release it as a completely new operating system.

Some insider builds’ internal code has revealed references to ‘Windows 10 and Windows Sun Valley’ suggesting that Microsoft sees the Sun Valley as a new operating system than just an update to Windows 10. This has led to many speculating that the company might release “Windows 11”. These speculations are further strengthened by the fact that the company posted an 11minute Youtube video of various generations of ‘Windows Startup Sounds’ and an announcement of the “Next generation of Windows” at 11 am ET on June 24th.

Whatever the company’s plan may be, we expect to see a complete design overhaul with consistent Fluent UI implementation throughout the OS. We have seen a gradual shift towards a UI with rounded corners in some areas and leaked windows app UIs. The new “update” is also expected to get rid of many of the legacy components like the control panel, file explorer and bring consistency to the whole experience that Windows 10 users have longed for. Many of the components of Windows 10X will also be implemented in this version like the new Start Menu, Notifications Panel, Action Center etc. as Microsoft recently announced the cancellation of the OS. Fora  complete detail of what the new OS or update will bring, we will have to wait for June 24 as the company reveals the “Next Generation of Windows”


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