Windows 11 is going to be released officially on June 24 and promises many changes to Windows 10.
A developer build has now leaked online and we take a look at all the changes that the Next generation of Windows brings.

June 24 isn't very far, that’s when Microsoft has announcedit will be releasing the “Next Generation of windows”. We have already coveredthis in a previous article, so be sure to have a look.

Now, a leaked developer build of the upcoming Windows hasleaked online that confirms that this will indeed be called Windows 11. Sincethis is a developer build, some bugs and many legacy windows components are still present, which may be removed or updated in the official public release.We do not recommend installing this as your main OS and if you want to try itfor yourself consider using a Virtual Machine as we experienced several crashesduring our testing.

The filename of the build we have is 21996.1.210529541.co_release_CLIENT_CONSUMER_x64FRE_en-us suggesting this is a developer build from May.

Now let's have a look.

Rounded Corners are visible even on context menus

Rounded Corners

We already knew this was coming. The UI now has roundedcorners all around, well, not all around. There is still a lot of inconsistentUI in this build. The windows now have rounded corners instead of sharpcorners. This is everywhere from new apps to legacy apps.

However, there are still some components from Windows 10 thatpop up in some places. For example, the volume panel, battery panel and othersin the taskbar still use the old sharp boxes. We still have the old action centre,calendar popup, IME switcher etc. The old-style drop-down lists we have beenseeing since probably Windows 95 still appear occasionally.

Start Menu and Search

The Start Menu has been completely redesigned and is quitesimilar to what we saw on Windows 10X. Live tiles are now gone and we nowhave pinned icons on the main screen. Below this, is a list of recently andsuggested apps used apps. The power button is placed on the bottom right cornerand the user button on the bottom left which upon clicking gives change accountsettings, lock and sign out options.

For a full app list, an all apps button is present at the topright which brings up an alphabetical list of apps.

Search is now quite like Spotlight search on macOS, inlooks. Functionally it’s still the same and brings up results from the web formost searches for internal files etc.

The Task View has also been redesigned has multiple desktops at the bottom with active windows in the centre. The timeline is now gone and has shifted to the start menu where it makes much more sense.

If you are a Linux user or have tried and tinkered with UIcustomizations, you will immediately realize the inspiration for these.

Translucent components and New Icons

Taskbar, action centre, start menu etc now have a niceblurred background mixed with your choice of accent colour. This is a bitdifferent from the transparency effects seen on windows 10 and looks quitenice, in places we can see it.

We had already seen new colourful icons in some previewbuilds of Windows 10. These were visible in certain new windows 10 apps likesettings, films and tv, store, etc., and new colourful icons for downloads,pictures, desktop, etc. folders in file explorer.

Windows 11 had new smoother and rounder icons all over.Wifi, battery, airplane modes and even legacy components now have new iconsconsistent with the new colourful, smooth and round aesthetic Microsoft isgoing for.


There is a new widgets panel that slides in from the left and can be activated with an icon on the taskbar. It's essentially the Weather and news moved to a new location. this is another change reminiscent of macOS.


We see here many new design elements most of which look quite good. Microsoft seems t be going for a friendlier tone which seems to be working. Microsoft is also trying to streamline its branding which we can see from the new Windows 11 logo which is now a blue "Microsoft" logo rather than the trapezoidal "Windows" logo.

Still, as of this build, we have many legacy components and design elements from Windows 10. There is still the old windows store which is going to be updated. We hope Microsoft updates these and the public release of the build will be much more polished. 

However, this still is very much Windows 10 and functionally there shouldn't be many differences, which is a good thing. The Windows 11 branding seems to be more of a marketing tactic to regenerate the hype around the OS

Do You like the new UI of Windows 11?


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