Google has finally released the Android 12 developer previews.
Read along to know what's new.
Credits: XDA Developers

Google has finally released the developerpreviews for Android 12. Let us take a look at everything new and changed from Android11.

Since this is a developer preview it is expectedto be unstable and is not recommended for daily use. Currently, this isavailable only for the Google Pixel devices. Since these are developer previews,we should expect some of the features to not make it to the final release build.Nonetheless. Let’s have a look.

One Handed Mode

With smartphone sizes getting bigger consistently,it has become hard to use them one-handed. Many custom Android skins and iOShad introduced a one-handed mode that made the device much more usable by onehand. A12 Developer Preview finally brings a native one-handed mode that works a lot like theone seen on the iPhones. It is enabled by swiping down on the navbar whichbrings the whole UI down to about half the screen allowing easier one-handeduse.

Scrolling Screenshots

This is one of the most requested features byusers and it seems to be finally here. Android 12 now supports scrolling screenshots.Though not enabled by default it can be enabled via an ADB command. The featureis still buggy and maybe the reason it's disabled by default.

Wallpaper based Adaptive Theming

This feature was much-rumored and speculated recentlywith even some mockups floating on the web. While not as drastic, Android 12does seem to have a wallpaper-based theming system that changes the accent colorsbased on the currently applied wallpaper. This should help with keeping thedevice looking fresh every time you change a wallpaper. This may receiveadditional customization options in the upcoming builds.


A very useful utility for people with poorvision or just for viewing text that may be just too small. This is a verylooked over feature and it's nice of Google to have added this. It basically isa floating window that can be moved around to magnify areas of a screen. This canwork in any part of the OS and is not restricted by apps.

Dark Theme Tweaks

Android 11 included a dark theme that had a pitch-black background and was a very good way to improve the battery life of phones withan AMOLED display. This has however now changed to a very dark blue color withA12 though is inconsistent across menus. This may also mean that you might be ableto choose your dark theme background in the future and would be a welcomechange if that is indeed the case.

PIP mode tweaks

Picture-in-picture mode has been a handyfeature of Android and has now received some additional control and tweaks tothe way it works. You can now pinch to zoom the window, set it aside temporarilyif you want the full screen, single tap for controls and double-tap to switchbetween window sizes.

Redesigned Widgets Menu

The widget's menu has seen a redesign and nowthe widgets are separated into collapsible app menus displaying widget countfor an app. This makes the widget UI look cleaner and easier to operate.

It will still be a couple of months before we seethe public beta version of Android 12 which will give us a much more certain ideaas to what features might remain in the final release. Many of the features hereare already available and functional for some time now on other custom skinsand custom ROMs by the developer community. It’s good to finally see google addsome much-requested features to native Android.


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