Some new details about the Samsung foldables have surfaced in the form of leaked promo material.

The Galaxy Fold and the Galaxy Flip line up represent some of the best technology Samsung offers in the consumer space. The original Galaxy Fold was the first foldable device for the consumer space by a big player like Samsung. The device was a huge step in a new direction at a time when the smartphone space started feeling stale.

The Fold and Flip 2 bought along some remarkable improvements last year and now we see details about the third iterations surface on the web. Specifically, some marketing material for the upcoming Z fold and flip phones have been leaked and reveal some interesting details about the products.

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 seems to use a Dual Tone design with a black stripe running across the cameras. This seems to be the result of a larger screen incorporated alongside the cameras capable of displaying much more information compared to the current model. This has been one of the major criticism of the current model where the outer screen is almost too small to be useful in a meaningful way.

Another change we see is that the new devices will have a vertical dual camera setup with a design being something in between the current S21 lineup and the recently released A52 andA72 devices. The flash floats below the cameras outside of the strip. The images also show that the cameras and the screen create a small bump and are not flush with the surface as seen in the current devices.

As for the Z Fold 3, the device looks like it will have a triple camera setup with the camera bump housing the cameras as well as the flash. The design of the bump is also different from the smooth curve seen on the S21 lineup and not as previously speculated. The size also looks to be hugely reduced compared to the current device. This also looks to be the first time a Samsung device will come equipped with an under-display camera curiously mounted at the side. This could be due to it being more focused on video conferencing than taking selfies. Also, another major addition for this year might be the inclusion of the S-pen which was speculated since the beginning. This would finally allow the Fold to become the device for serious work like the note used to be, the future of which at the moment seems unclear.

Both devices also now look to behaving tighter tolerances with the phones closing tighter than before leaving less room for dust and lint to enter.

Both the devices are expected to be released internationally in the coming months.


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