Hey peeps! Apple is coming with the all-new iPhone 13 to set fire in the market, and we're here to fill you in with all the latest information from basic to end, including prices, release date, new features, and its previews as compared to the previous versions!

Release Date

As usual, iPhone 13 will also be released in the Apple Signature Month i.e. September of 2021. The predicted news says it will most probably get announced as well as launched between the 7th to 24th of August, 2021. The wait has begun and everyone is getting restless after getting to know the newest and mind-blowing features of the iPhone 13!


Well no doubt, it won't be cheap according to its worth. As compared to iPhone 12, the new iPhone 13 has a lot of new features which may be proven very useful and advanced for the users. Keeping in mind the costs of iPhone 12, the range of the prices of iPhone 13 would be between $700 to $1100, depending on the storage size which differs as 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB and different models which includes the mini-series as well.

Preview (New Features and Functions)

As per the rumors, the iPhone 13 has been mainly focusing on the tiny features which come in random use. Beginning with improving maps, which would give even more accurate navigation results and would take people easily to places with utmost privacy and security.


Further, the camera of the iPhone is one of the prominent reasons to buy it! This time the look of the camera is fancier, plus, the clarity is even more transparent. Photo editing tools are even more updated and look overwhelming. In iPhone 13, most photo editing tools are now available for video editing, making it possible to rotate, crop, or apply filters right within the Photos app. Seriously, we can't wait to click a dozen pictures! 


The next and one of the most important features is the Cloud and Sign-in. This time Apple offers an easy, safe, and faster signing-in without using social IDs and passwords. All we got to use is just the Apple Id to authenticate. Further, the system will protect the rest by providing a unique Id. Sign-in with Apple Id makes it easier for users to verify with Face-Id or Touch Id. 

Additional Features of iOS 13

After all these massive changes in the new model, Apple has even upgraded some of the apps which are used in general. Names of apps and upgrades in each are as follows:

  • Siri, The virtual friend of every Apple user, has a more sweet and natural voice and quick shortcuts.
  • Messages have a new feature that automatically recognizes and shares a user's name or photo to easily identify who's in the messages thread.
  •  Notes have a new gallery view.
  • Reminders have a new face and more creative ways to add and edit reminders.
  • Using Air Pods, Siri can read all the messages immediately after they are received. 
  • A lot more changes in functions such as CarPlay, HomePod, Voice Control, so that users can operate their device with their voice as and when they want, and a lot more Performance Improvements have come up which make the entire system more responsive.

Is iPhone13 worth buying?


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