Sony's Playstation 5 became the fastest-selling Gaming console outselling the PS4 in a similar launch timeline.

Lastyear Sony released its next-gen gaming console, The PlayStation 5, startingwith The US and Japan. The console highly anticipated upgrade for the hugelypopular PS4 and promised next-gen gaming experience with enhanced graphicalcapabilities like Ray Tracing and 4K gaming.

Theconsole has been facing availability issues since the release and the globalchip shortages have only made it worse. This isn’t getting solved anytime soonas the console is now the “fastest-selling hardware platform” in terms ofdollars as well as unit sales outselling the Nintendo Switch and Sony’s lastgen PS4 in a similar launch timeline.

It sold4.5m units in 2020 globally and Sony said that the estimated over 7.6m sales by31 March 2021. This sounds more impressive considering the supply constraintsas well as the ongoing global chip shortage.

The PlayStationhas been a very popular platform since its inception with it having manyadvantages over the competition among which are the PlayStation Exclusive gameslike God of War and Marvel’s Spiderman. The new DualSense controller alsobecame the highest selling in the accessories category with its new featureslike the new haptics that make it a compelling buy over the competition.

The NintendoSwitch also continues to sell remarkably well as the best-selling hardwareplatform in terms of units as well as dollars for the month of March as tweetedby NPD’s executive director Mat Piscatella.


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