With the launch of new iPhones in Apple's September event, here @TechyCircle we dig deep on what users around the world are getting. As they say, If you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have an iPhone,

Wait Is that True ?

Soon after the launch of new models of iPhone i.e iPhone XR, XS, XS max on 12 sept. 2018 at Steve Jobs theatre in Apple park, the question has come up that the new iPhones are really new or some wrapper to previous ones.

let us unveil the new iPhone models for our readers and discuss what iPhone users are getting in the newer versions.

What does specs says?

What does specs says?

Specs above says it all, iPhone is getting bigger and heavier, but people who like more space 512GB says it all. With new versions, you are getting  Apple A12 Bionic processors which the company claims makes the new versions to open apps 30 % fasters than its predecessors. Does that means is it getting better also?

This actually means, if your iPhone X opens an app in 2 seconds so your new iPhone XS will open it in 1.4 seconds, isn’t this WOW.


What’s next in the package?

Let’s talk about what’s next (not using Samsung's tagline though), next is the dual sim technology or eSIM technology by which iPhone user can have 2 operators sim slots (at least in the Chinese version) and rest of the world getting an eSIM or embedded SIM we can say it, after demands International travelers especially from Asia and Africa regions. Isn’t that what I already have in my super cheap Android phone. Well, that move we @ TechyCircle also couldn’t understand. But there is more to go.

An amazing feature of iPhone that actually impressed me is the True Depth front facing camera which can detect your face in dark also to unlock your iPhone.

Ummm somewhat nice, now one does not need to turn on the lights to unlock their iPhone.

But the amazing part is Apple has used the same technology to detect user’s facial expression and animate the expressions into fun creatures in shapes of Anemojis or Memojis and add some fun to your chats experience. Now that’s COOL. Wait don’t tell me android users already had it.


More about it

Some bad news for iPhone 5S user they won’t be getting iOS12 upgrade, so we might expect 5s to go out of the hands of the users soon.

About the design you get glass in the backside so, one would be cases to protect the phone, but the cutting edges giving it impressive look, though much similar to the iPhone X.

With camera getting a quad LED flash with 2x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom along with dual optical image stabilization, we can say your images are getting better, though some of the Android competitors are providing similar or better camera experience.

With prices starting from $749 for XR, $999 for XS and $1099 for XS Max, Max as what they at Apple are calling their plus variants, (for 64GB variant) the user is getting a bigger, a heavier and somewhat better iPhone.

Let us know what do you think about the new iPhone in the comment section below. 

And stay tuned for more to come up.


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