Microsoft has officially announced the cancellation of the Windows 10X.
New features and learning from the 10X will now be implemented in the Mainline Windows 10.
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Surface Neo (rendered)

Microsoft has now officially confirmed that its Windows 10x OS that was supposed to be a lightweight OS set to compete with the likes of Chrome OS and targeted for use in dual-screen devices like the upcoming and highly anticipated Surface Neo.

The Windows 10x was supposed to be a completely new windows platform with a more lightweight and simplified interface designed for use in low power and portable devices. Initially, it was planned to be a platform for dual-screen devices. This was later changed after the pandemic hit, Microsoft decided to prioritize its use more on single-screen devices. Now, however, it's officially cancelled.

It was also believed that theWindows 10X was being developed to work better on arm devices that would help bring the windows platform to compete with Apple who delivered a very impressive performance with their new ARM-powered M1 chips and the macOS Big Sur redesign.

Microsoft has stated that instead of bringing in a new product, the company will now integrate the features developed for Windows 10X into the existing mainline Windows 10. Some of these features have already started making an appearance in existing versions of Windows 10 like the new app containers, modernized voice typing and a newer better virtual keyboard that was first seen on the Windows 10X builds.

Microsoft has also made some attempts in the past to bring a lightweight and simpler version of windows in the form of Windows RT and Windows 10S which were basically versions of the main Windows OS stripped down to the most essential features that allowed it to run on some low-end hardware. These attempts were largely a failure as they restricted many activities users have come to expect from a Windows OS and their intended performance gains weren’t particularly impressive either. Microsoft realised this and even provided devices preinstalled with Windows 10Sto convert to a “Full” Windows 10 install with just a switch.

While Windows 10X might be dead, Microsoft is constantly working on improving Windows 10. The May 2021update for Windows 10 has already been released which brings small improvements to the OS. A bigger update is scheduled to be released in October that aims to bring many new improvements ranging from Visual Changes like a better UI, Icon changes to other internal improvements like improved File Explorer, better Bluetooth audio support, better multi-monitor support etc.

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