Speed, convenience, and power. What more can you ask for? A truly Wireless power bank for iPhone

With the emergence of Magsafe Magnetic technology, we have seen the rise of wireless power banks specifically for the iPhone 12 series. But what does it take for one to be better than the rest? Some may see it as a matter of capacity. Others take the charging speed more importantly. A few might prefer one because of the convenience of its lightweight. All these factors also depend on the phone which the user owns. An iPhone 12 Pro Max user's standards may be much different from that of an iPhone 12 mini user. Let's take a deep look into a specific portable charger that may just be the best of them all.

This is the PRO battery pack by LuxandLuxy. It's a MagSafemagnetic wireless portable charger. That description seems long, but once you get into the specs, you'll see that it should be longer. 

First of all, let's cover why it's not exactly the slimmest option on the market. 

3. Battery Capacity

Well most of the time, when you see a bulky battery pack, you know it should pack some juice. This is exactly the case with the PRO battery pack. It carries a huge 10,000 mAh capacity. This is a positive for all the iPhone 12 Pro Max users out there. 

Remember that just because a power bank can hold 10k mAh, doesn't mean it delivers up to that. Have you ever wondered why you buy a 5,000 mAh power bank to charge a 3,600 mAh battery phone, and then the power bank suddenly dies before the phone reaches 100%? Don't worry, the seller didn't trick you. What happened was that you didn't get the full information. All power banks lose a percentage of their total capacity while transferring power to devices. This number is usually 30%. So, a 5k mAh power bank will only deliver 3,500 mAh. While a 10k mAh delivers 7,500 mAh. But this number varies. Some battery packs could lose up to 40%, while others may lose as low as 10%. Now assuming the 30% average, you can see that a 10k mAh power bank will charge an iPhone 12 Pro max twice. Some 5k mAh power banks can't charge an iPhone 12 Pro Max up to once.

5. Charging Speed

Like other wireless portable chargers, the PRO battery pack can charge both wirelessly and via USB. What makes it different is that it has only one USB port. This is the USB Type C port (which is currently the best you can have). You may be wondering how it can have only one port. Well, this is because the Type C port is used as both an input and output. The wireless charging delivers up to 15W of fast charging. This will give your phone a boost. But, in case that isn't enough for you. You can go ahead and plug in the wired charging, which delivers a mind-boggling 20W of fast charging. You have probably realized that this battery pack has a double charging option. This means you can charge two phones at once. One phone charging wirelessly and the other phone charging through a cable. And because its capacity is so large, it should be able to charge two iPhone 12 Pro Max's from 0 to 100% simultaneously. 

7. Overall Convenience

Convenience is something that Apple itself takes at an utmost priority. But what makes the PRO battery pack convenient? It's lightweight. This power bank weighs only 5.6 ounces. Let's compare that to the iPhone 12 Pro Max which weighs 7.79 ounces. This is quite an interesting one to take in. Because the iPhone 12 Pro Max is slimmer, while the PRO battery pack is only as slim as your finger. But when it comes to weights, the iPhone 12 max is a bowling ball compared to the PRO battery pack. This power bank is one you can easily slide in your pocket without weighing it down. Aside from the weight and wide, let's consider the height. The PRO battery pack can perfectly fit on an iPhone 12 mini, and that's a pretty small phone. This means any mobile gamers can conveniently game anywhere while this power bank is snapped behind their phone.

8. Conclusion

So is this the best wireless power bank for iPhone 12? Well, that depends on you. Speed, convenience, and power. What more can you ask for? Portable energy is the future.


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