If you are not getting any notification of iMessage, WhatsApp, etc In your iPhone after when you updated your iPhone to iOS 14, so let me inform you that this is not only happening with you.
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Firstly, it was happening with iPhone 12 series users because the iPhone 12 series was introduced with this update but later on people who were using the previous model of iPhone updated their phone to iOS 14 after this update they also started to face this problem.
Most of the users are not getting any pop-up notification on their lock screen for text came in the signal, WhatsApp, iMessage, SMS this is very irritating especially for couples, friends and also if someone is participating in office work from that smartphone even a red badge indication is also not coming to let us know that there is a new message which is very annoying even which is creating misunderstanding between people's and in some of the people's case they are not getting a message which is sent from the sender and when sender asks about it then they comes to know that they haven't received some of the messages which were sent before this from another side.

Some people have tried to come up with workarounds like turning off Messages on a Mac, or deleting and re-adding contacts. Some are noticing they get notifications if they completely force close the Messages app every time after sending a text. And in other cases, the missing notifications are only happening for pinned conversations, and unpinning contacts seems to do the trick. There is very less little success with these short-term fixes because they aren’t working for everyone.

You can see on this apples official page (link provided below) a person asked about the solution for this problem many other users also put their views that this same thing is happening to them and some of them also presented their views on how they solved this problem and some person said that the company told them that it's a part of the update if people don't like it give us the feedback on our website.

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According to my point of view, the company is trying to insulate their mistake and saying it's a part of the update because it doesn't make any sense because it's a very annoying feature which will create only problems for the users they will miss their important messages or will come to know about them only when they will open the apps which will create misunderstandings between the sender and recipient.
I hope the company will work on this and will solve this issue of the users in the upcoming update because many people are frustrated from this feature which is a part of the update according to the company but a bug and a very annoying problem according to the users.

Thanks for reading! And also drop your views in the comment what do you think it was a part of update or company was trying to insulate this error by giving this excuse and stay tuned to techycircle for more News and blogs on technology, gadgets, apps, games, etc.


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