Hello every one, here is the one-stop solution for all your quarries regarding Google pixel 6, from top to bottom including release date to prices to Space, and more.


The eye-opening feature is on its way, here! stop looking, start saving to buy your dream pixel - pixel 6, as Google confirmed it will launch pixel 6 in 'fall 2021' (meaning September, October, or November) in the US, later in other countries. 


Pixel 3 and 4 were premium offerings, and pixel 5 is a mid-ranged offer, as these statics, pixel 6 may be mid-ranged or even high ended.

However, in a hard guess, the Pixel 5 costs $699 / £599 / AU$999 so maybe we could see a similar price again. 


A metal-glass combination with a bolder design and odd-looking camera features makes pixel 6 quite different from its predecessor. The standard Pixel 6 will have a 90Hz flat 6.4-inch screen.



Pixel 6 will get three-camera shooters – with the extra being a 4x optical telephoto. That's not the only interesting thing about pixel 6 though, as its range has been confirmed to pack an in-house chipset for the first time – one that we haven't seen in any other phone. It's called Google Tensor, and the company has hyped up everything the new phones can do with the new custom silicon.



Stop waiting, start saving to have your dream Google pixel 6 in your hand, get ready!

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