The world is moving towards nature friendly, 5R is the motto of the Eco-friendly economic development, 5R stands for reduce, reuse, recycle, recover and residual management, in a walk towards this way the EU is planning to implement " Right to repair" to Android and smartphone users, to add fuel to this initiation Germany is pushing for 7 years of OS updates for the smartphone.

Software updates in smartphones will increase their lifespan and make its users up to date features are available, Now, Germany is making updates on both iOS and Android mandatory


With the proposed law, devices running Apple's iOS and Google Android smartphone software would have to give software support to each user for seven years, which could especially benefit Android.  


And also Germany and the EU as a whole pushing for the availability of cost-effective and reliable spare parts for smartphones at least for 7 years.


on the other hand, According to C't, an industry advocacy group with Google, Apple, and Samsung Opting for relaxed regulation norms.

Present faith of updates:

Apple devices have five years of updates, as the price increases, the chance of update increases, the google, and Samsung, in general, provide for a minimum of 3 years of update of the software. but this mandatory seven years is far from this present scenario, and this may act as a background for EU law which already looking for 5 years of updates.

Pros of this law:

Reduction in E-waste: mobile waste is one of the sources of E-waste, by allowing 7 years of updates, the lifespan of smartphones will increase and decrease in waste.

 User-friendly: This will makes users enjoy new features in an old phone, with no need to change phones frequently.

 Cost-effective: Frequent change of device is an unnecessary expense on common people, 7 years of mandatory updates will give seven years of flow less enjoyment.

 Corporate social responsibility: for beginning the companies might see this law as problematic but flexible, and relaxed regulations will make everyone easy acceptance.

Do you think it is a sensational move towards E waste management ?


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