A huge database containing user data of around 533 million users has been found posted on a low-level hacking forum.

Yet again another data security breach at Facebook has been reported. As per a report by Business Insider, phone numbers and other such personal data of close to 533 million users has been leaked online.

This data was posted at a low-level hacking forum on Saturday. It contains information of users from over 106 countries that includes 6 million Indian users’ data, 32 million records from the US and 11 million from the UK.

The exposed data contains phone numbers, Facebook ID’s, full names, locations, birthdates, bios and even some email addresses. As per a data sample review by Insider, several records were verified by matching known users phone numbers with their Facebook IDs. Some records were also verified using email IDs with the Facebook password reset feature.

According to the report, a Facebook spokesperson said that the data was scrapped due to a vulnerability found that was patched in2019.


Such data breaches prove to be very dangerous as they expose so many individuals to cybercrime. Facebook has been constantly scrutinized for collecting too much data and breaches like these make us even more sceptical of the ability of these companies of keeping our data safe.

We should be aware of the fact that Facebook owns many other social media platforms like Instagram and Whatsapp. So, even if you do not use the platform itself, they have your data.


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