MP3 is going to be Official Dead

In this internet generation, We all using smartphones around the world and we all familiar and using MP3 for so long for a better quality of digital audio and because of small size it can be easily downloaded from the various internet resources. and it consumes very less memory in you phone storage as well. But, Here’s a bad news for all the users that MP3 is no more.

Fraunhofer Research who gave a birth to very compressed and commonly used audio format in 1988, has stopped its licensing program to the developers who wanted to use MP3 encoding/decoding techniques for their audio file format.

As per Fraunhofer developers, most of the media services such as streaming, television, smart tv or radio broadcasting using ISO-MPEG codec e.g. AAC Family and in future MPEG-H expected to be used on all the platforms, which deliver much better quality in a very low bitrate compared to the MP3 formats. Therefore, Fraunhofer decided to stop the licensing for the MP3 and favor the improved audio codecs which are also developed by Fraunhofer itself.

Overall, MP3 was and will be always popular among all of us, Even in upcoming few years still the downloadable audio format will be MP3 until improved audio format used and distributed by the media service providers. But this time the file size get high and the better quality.

Do we still wanted to use MP3 format as an audio file ?


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