Bug reported in instagram and user are suffering.

Instagram full of bugs

It's being around 5 years that Facebook bought Instagram "a photo-sharing app" of worth $1 Billon.

At that time, Instagram had around 30 million users and no revenue. Currently, with Facebook, they have 600 million users and assumed to make a multi-billion dollar company in upcoming years by ad business.

Similar to the Facebook, Instagram also has an option to disable your account from some time if you wanted to take a break from the social network but not a full account deletion.

The bug has been spotted in mid of February and reported by the users in Facebook, Reddit, Quora and more getting wild these days.

As per Instagram documentation, the user can disable their account this feature can temporally hide your profile information, photos, comments and like etc until you reactivate your account.

Many people trying to use this feature but the browser keep redirecting to the homepage and the account is still active. The option you can get it by clicking on the “Edit Profile” Section. This bug is associated with all the platforms like android, iPhone, web browser etc.

Users tried to contact the support email of Instagram but emails were not working and the official Instagram help page center returns 5xx Server Error.

Hope a billion dollar company engineers can fix the bug but till yet Instagram doesn’t have any comment on this issue.


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